September 2019

An exciting August has just sped by – filled with exciting events that made a mark in the Gift Card category. From the exciting Gifting Carnival powered by Qwikcilver that for the first time ever brought together the best retail brands under one roof and also listed exclusive offers on their Gift Cards. From the Carnival to the Conclave; from India to Singapore.

August 2019

Remember the carnival you went to? A dreamy riot of colors, merrymaking, entertainment, and harmony. Where the old and young come together, laughing, frolicking, not a dull moment to spare, exploring the wondrous delights. Welcome to The Gifting Carnival. Put simply, the Carnival is our commitment to grow Gift Card as a viable festive gifting alternative.

June 2019

Last month we spoke about the conversations that made #QCGC19 a grand success. But what use are conversations if they do not give rise to connections? By this, we refer to the transforming of a discussion with five panelists into five panelists in a discussion.

April 2019

April 25, 2019. On this day, the 3rd edition of Qwikcilver Gift Card Conclave will make landfall. Mark your calendars. This edition will see heavyweights in the retail and e-tail space discuss, dissect and decode the role of gift cards and opportunities for growth. Along the way, they will draw on their expertise and chart a way forward

February 2019

It is that time, again. The fag end of the financial year. The market is preparing for the end of season sales. And the Valentine’s day is around the corner. Customers, on the other hand, are busy preparing their investment proofs and other declarations for filing in the IT returns. Naturally, they are more cautious.