July 2020

It is the most awaited time of the year at Qwikcilver, the carnival preparations have started! This month has been special for us as we embark on a new journey in a new country. We also got an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with one of our oldest clients in the MENA region. That is not all. We have launched Gift cards that are sure to please the coffee lover, the music lover or just about anyone who survived the lockdown!

New Launches

Taking a step forward

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Lulu Hypermarkets Gift Card Program in India. The Lulu Group is our oldest customer in the MENA region and our relationship goes back 10 years. It is our privilege to build on the partnership and to be of service to them in India for their super successful hypermarket format. While they have been our very first licensed customer in the MENA region, the India program has been launched on our SaaS platform. Lulu Hypermarket currently occupies pole position in Kerala and they have ambitious expansion plans in the Indian market. Being a large player with global ambitions, the Lulu Group also has a significant presence in the SEA market. Therefore, Lulu is a significant strategic customer for Qwikcilver. Lulu Hypermarket Gift and e-Gift Cards will be available on all Qwikcilver distribution channels and reseller partner networks, apart from their own stores. Currently we are fully integrated with their POS for both issuance and redemption, and in the next phase this will be extended to enable acceptance of cards on their e-commerce website too.

Selamat Indonesia!

We are so excited to announce the start of our distribution journey in Indonesia with the launch of Gift cards for Google Play and Spotify. Customers can purchase these cards on Lazada Indonesia website. Lazada Group is an international e-commerce company with headquarters in Singapore and has operations in multiple countries. Our relationship with Lazada goes back to 2017 when we launched the Gift Card store on their Singapore website. We are delighted to take this relationship forward and embark on a new journey in Indonesia.

A time to escape

Dreaming of taking your beloved on a slow, free of complications and sun kissed holiday? We are happy to announce that we have successfully launched the Postcard Hotels Gift Card Program on Qwikcilver platform. The Postcard Hotel is a collection of intimate luxury hotels hidden in holiday destinations across India, Sri Lanka & Bhutan. Each of their hotels are chosen and designed to take you to a world where holidays were simple and filled with beautiful experiences. Where the romance, charm and simplicity of holidays meets contemporary needs, both in design and impeccable service. Postcard Hotel gift cards will be available on the prominent Qwikcilver powered gift stores in the country, corporate channels, and reseller partners. The Postcard Hotel team will also make the product available on their platform a few months down the line.

The bliss of a perfect brew

Coffee lovers take their coffee seriously. It can be really tricky to find a perfect gift for a coffee lover. How about introducing them to the world of specialty coffee with dizzying array of choices? Gift them an option to explore different coffees in a way that is unique to their personal preferences. Thanks to the Third Wave Coffee Roasters, you can do just that. Third Wave Coffee Roasters was born out of the dream to introduce India to specialty coffee or the ‘Third Wave movement’- a movement dedicated to providing high-quality coffee that is brewed to perfection from farm to cup. The sourcing is done from 14 estates that serves 15 of their Cafes (Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune). They are aiming to grow to 100 stores by 2021. They also sell coffee equipment for home and Coffee beans at their Cafes, app, website. The program will be launched in 2 phases. Phase 1 is targeted towards their existing customer base, in the form of QwikWalletx. This will be for self-load, promotions, refunds to the customer's wallet. In the 2nd phase, we will launch a Closed Loop Program for gift card issuance, distribution, and redemption on their POS, website, and application.

Finding calm in this chaos

Given the current Covid-19 situation, we are all victims of boredom and isolation. If you know someone who is feeling anxious due to social isolation, this is a perfect time to help them with the healing powers of music. Gift them a pair of earphones with unique acoustical properties or a super-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker for an unbeatable music-listening experience. We are pleased to inform you that Tagg Digital e-Gift Card Program is now LIVE. Tagg Digital is a new-age consumer electronics company, hustling to engineer quality products for consumers worldwide and strive to change the way of life, work and play with their electronic devices allowing end users to take control of their fast-paced lifestyle. With a solidified reputation and longstanding commitment to customers, TAGG continues to grow while setting new goals on maintaining its core values of smart, protective products. The program has been launched for the Tagg Digital webstore and will also get listed across Qwikcilver’s B2C & B2B distribution platform and other corporate catalogues.

The Gifting Carnival

Last year leading brands from all over the country came together to participate in the first-ever “Gifting Carnival” powered by Qwikcilver. Watch this space for more.

Woohoo Showcase

The side effects of Lockdown!

For the nerd who turned into a fitness freak and for the fitness freak who turned into a binge watcher. There is a perfect Unlock 1.0 Gift Card for everyone who survived the lockdown in their own way. Gift your loved ones a Woohoo Lockdown series e-Gift Card and get a gift hamper worth Rs 600. Click here to access our amusing range of Lockdown series e-Gift Cards.

Father’s Day celebrations of Woohoo

Your Dad- the hero of your life, isn’t he? Of course, he might have yelled plenty at you when you goofed up, but he is the one who has loved you through your many mistakes. He is the one you always look up to for guidance and support.  This Father’s Day we ran a social campaign where we focussed on the role that fathers play in our life and situations where we reach out to them for help/advice or motivation. Along with this, we had a fun #DontTellDad contest where we asked the audience to share the one thing, they have not told their Dads about. We sure did receive a lot of interesting responses! 4 winners received a special Woohoo Father’s Day Gift Card.

Product Showcase

Give your Gift card the accessibility it deserves

Imagine you have a great brand. A brand people rave about and are eager to buy from. What is even better you have a gift card which your users buy to avail best offers or to gift their loved ones. But you are stuck because to get people to know or buy your gift card you need to spend millions of dollars in ads on digital medium and other avenues. Only to figure that the traction is minimal. Introducing QwikGiftAPIx, Qwikcilver’s dedicated API that lets your gift card appear on various platforms which your customers use on a daily basis. Imagine being on the largest ecommerce platform like an Amazon or a Flipkart or a Lazada platform, imagine being on a digital wallet platform like Google pay or Paytm. Sounds like a dream come true? Well QwikGiftAPIx makes this a reality. With just about minimal configurations, your brand currency is up for grabs on these user heavy platforms. What is best? You do not pay a penny till they are bought. Need to know more about this solution shortlisted among the best digital APIs at the IAMAI Awards? Talk to us today and we will help you shine bright where it matters.

    In the media

    Give your Gift card the accessibility it deserves

    Indian Retailer, India's largest news, information and market intelligence provider in the retail sector, published data from Qwikcilver’s report that reveals E-Gift Cards are dominating the Gift Cards segment with a whopping 96.3% share in FY 19-20 as compared to physical Gift Cards. The article provides insights on the shifting consumer preference towards E-gift cards and why, as a category, E-Gift cards are going to be crucial in the times ahead. Read the full article here.

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