April 2020

Hello, there – hope you are safe and sound at this time. We’re in the midst of an unprecedented crisis and every single precaution we take has a significant impact to mitigate the effect of the Coronavirus outbreak. This outbreak has rapidly reached far beyond China with the number of cases crossing 1 million and affecting 209 countries worldwide. As a result of this chaos, businesses have taken a hit and consumer behaviour has shaken up on a massive scale. We would like to assure you, as your partner we are there at all times to navigate through this crisis and create opportunities for you to engage with your customers, employees, and stakeholders.
As a sign of our commitment to our customers and to the Gift Card category, we are continuing to strive harder and launching new initiatives in the markets. These programs are not only showcasing the brand’s intent in launching the gift card but also reiterating the positioning of the Gift Card as a strategic tool with greater importance in the coming future.
Here are a few special launches and also interesting case studies to browse through during this time of a lockdown.
Do stay safe and healthy.

Product Launches

A digital Genie at your service!

During this global crisis and uncertain times, it has become imperative for businesses to think out of the box and keep their customers engaged without any physical contact. Even though the hospitality industry is facing the brunt of the COVID crisis, that did not stop our esteemed client, Taj Hotels, to come up with an interesting and creative initiative to keep their customers engaged. Qwikcilver has helped them launch a new e-gift card called Hospitality@Home, where all the must-have Taj products and services are just a call away.  Now you can pick up a gourmet meal for family dinner or collect essential oils for a spot of sumptuous relaxation prior to a video conferencing call. Every time you avail of a product or service, the amount is deducted from your e-card balance. An innovative use of Gift Cards and apt for the times isn’t it?

Travel time? No. Travel Triangle? Yes!

Okay, so this isn’t really the best time to travel. The jet-setter in your life may be suffering from a constant itch to the take the next flight to a new destination. Or your family may have been in self-isolation for long enough to deserve a fun-filled vacation when it’s safe to travel again. While you can’t take them on a dream holiday just yet, you can always promise them one. How? The Travel Triangle Gift Card!   We are happy to announce the successful launch of the Travel Triangle Gift Card on the Qwikcilver Platform. Obsessed with the idea of empowering travellers with best vacation deals, Travel Triangle is an online marketplace that connects a traveller to multiple local travel agents. With the help of these 650+ local travel experts, Travel Triangle has been able to cater to the needs of over 1 million travellers on the international tour holidays as well as domestic India tours. Taking a phase-wise approach, Travel Triangle gift cards will be available on the prominent Qwikcilver powered gift stores in the country, corporate channels and reseller partners.

When Beauty meets Technology

While we get accustomed to our (temporary) new life at home, our loved ones may be feeling the blues and missing out on all the fun things that made them happy. While going to a spa or a salon is not quite possible for some days to come, pampering them at home is a good way to cheer them up. And guess what? A fun makeover is now just a click away! Find the best and the latest beauty products under one roof and pay for them conveniently with Purplle’s Wallet and Refund Program, launched by Qwikcilver. Purplle is an e-commerce platform that provides a unique personalized digital shopping experience enabling users to test make-up virtually. Purplle sells makeup products and fashion accessories, as well as wellness products for men and women on its website. It will be a Semi-Closed Loop Prepaid Program. At first, we will be launching their Wallet and Refund Program. The Purplle Gift Card Program is in the pipeline and will be launched in the next financial year.  

Case Studies

While the Coronavirus pandemic has put the global economy in crisis, the power of technology has emerged stronger than ever. There is no doubt that the use of technology in business is a growing necessity. This month, let’s empower ourselves with the knowledge of how technology has revolutionized the gift card industry. Here’s some interesting stuff for you to read.

How we added a technological twist to a traditional rewards program to keep a beverage brand's influencers engaged

Our client, a multinational drink and brewing company, wanted to continuously engage with influencers to maximize the sales of a newly launched brand. They decided to launch a rewards program but faced challenges such as enrolment and target allotment for each influencer. They also needed access to sales performance by outlet and influencers in order to track the effectiveness of the program. Click here to find out how we helped the client with a successful rewards program for the trial generation of a new brand.

How Qwikcilver's technology took a mall chain's popular gift card program to the next level, adding to the delight of retailers and shoppers

Our client, one of the biggest real estate developers and mall owners in the world, wanted to take their gift card offerings to the next level by introducing the digital version of their existing gift cards. So, we stepped in and used our fully integrated gift card processing and distribution platform, QwikGifTS to launch their e-gift program. Click here to know more about the successful launch of their e-gift program using our future-ready technology.

Woohoo Showcase

Together, we will win the fight against Covid-19

We may constantly complain about not being able to go out and do anything fun but not all of us are lucky enough to be enjoying the lockdown at the comforts of our home, spending quality time with family and binge-watching tv shows. A major part of the society has been adversely impacted and now is the time to show that we care. Let's come together and help those in dire need by contributing to the PM CARES fund. The Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund (PM CARES Fund) was created on 28 March 2020 following the COVID-19 pandemic in India.The fund will be used for combating, containment and relief efforts against the coronavirus outbreak and similar pandemic like situations in the future.  Stay at home, stay safe. Given the situation, it has become imperative that we all stay at home not just for our own safety but also for the safety of our family and fellow citizens. Woohoo brings to you a fun way to spread the message of the importance of social distancing with special gift cards. These gifts cards will not only encourage your loved ones to stay at home but also bring about some cheer during this bleak time.


We're all in this together

As the entire nation faces the unprecedented crisis arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government of India (GoI) and State Governments are making all possible efforts to tide over the crisis. In this regard, the Government of India has launched the Aarogya Setu App, a powerful tool that can help protect individuals and their families against the COVID-19 virus. The users of the app will be informed regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19. They will also be alerted if someone has come in close proximity of, even unknowingly, a positive case. We urge all of you to download the Aarogya Setu App and help India win this fight against COVID-19. For Android Users: Aarogya Setu App https://bit.ly/AndroidAarogyaSetu For iOS Users: Aarogya Setu App https://bit.ly/iOSAarogyaSetu

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