June 2020

Every year, June marks the onset of monsoons in India, a time when nature awakens from its deep sleep and bestows us with sparkling waterfalls, magnificent lakes and lush green trees. This June is no exception. But alas! This time around we can’t venture out and experience the beauty of monsoon.
This new situation of ‘life at home’ is compelling businesses to align themselves to the evolving demands of their customers and partners. With growing concerns over health and safety, consumers are rethinking their shopping habits. Consumers who were once reluctant to order online are now embracing technology more than ever; presenting retailers with a new challenge of engaging with them. Also, as work from home becomes the new normal, companies are looking for innovative ways of keeping their employees motivated.
The good news is, something as simple as a gift card can actually turn massive challenges into meaningful engagement- be it with employees, customers or distribution partners. Even if you don’t have your own gift card program, presenting a relevant gift card can go a long way in earning loyalty of people who matter the most.
So, things have been rather busy at our end- from exciting launches to Mother’s Day campaign, here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to.


A time to love & support

Our favourite brands have always been there for us. They've pampered us with some great products and great experiences that have become beautiful memories. They've put a smile on our loved ones' faces on special occasions and delighted us on gloomy days. Given the current scenario, with businesses dwindling and general morale running low, this is the time the brands that you love, need your support and encouragement. It is time to give back a bit of that love they showed us all. Qwikcilver brings you the perfect opportunity to do just that, all the while presenting a chance to treat yourself. Click here to see those exciting offers spanning across a multitude of services and products, with gift cards from every brand that you have loved, and for you to choose from. Show love to your favourite brands here.


Unique initiatives in the gift card space

Introducing the Goodwill Bond, a novel gift card concept launched in India. Businesses across the country are going through some trying times. With the stores shutting down during the lockdown and the negative impact on the economy due to the COVID crisis, sales have taken a major hit. So, what can businesses do to survive in the short term till the time consumers are ready to buy again? The Goodwill bond is a unique opportunity for businesses to engage with their customers by getting their support and sharing benefits with them. Here's how brands and retailers are using the novel concept.

Go Chic with Haute Design

As we shared in the last month's newsletter, Hidesign was the first brand to launch the Goodwill Bond E-card in India. The program has been running successfully and the customers have started redeeming the card from 1st of July onwards. For those who missed reading about it last month, Hidesign has been engaging with customers by offering a 30% instant top up on its Goodwill Bond E-gift card.

Stock Up. Save Up

Consumer spending has gone down in the last few months, compelling businesses to look for unique ways to get support from their loyal customers. BigBasket, India's largest online grocery supermarket, also decided to use the Goodwill Bond as an instrument of keeping its customers engaged. The Goodwill Bond E-gift card gives an opportunity for consumers to support their favourite supermarket during this tough time with the option of redeeming the card amount within a year.


A time to look forward

Right now, we are all staying home to stay safe but a time will come when we can go outside and enjoy a cool breeze on a warm day and bright sunshine on a cold day. We can soak up the sun on the beach again, enjoy Sunday brunches with our friends again and picnic with our family again. It’s time to look forward to living a life again. And it’s time to show your loved ones that life has its gleams of sunshine with a Ray-Ban Gift Card. From the early Aviator style that emerged in 1937 to the introduction of the classic Wayfarer in 1952, Ray-Ban is a brand that embodies adventure, heroism, individuality, and authenticity. Starting with a silver screen debut in 1961, Ray-Ban sunglasses have appeared throughout hundreds of films. With timeless and imaginative styles, Ray-Ban consistently blends high-tech design, lenses, and materials. The collection remains true to its classic heritage while continuously evolving to meet today's fashion demands. Qwikcilver has launched the Gift Card Program on Ray-Ban India webstore. The Gift Card will also get listed across Qwikcilver B2C & B2B distribution platform and other corporate catalogues.

Gift with CLiQ

All we need is some pampering in these gloomy times. Make occasions even more special and ordinary days happier for your loved ones, or even for yourself with the Tata CLIQ Gift Card store, powered by Qwikcilver. At Tata CLiQ, everything you see is Hand-piQed and 100% AuthentiQ – sourced straight from the best brands and their authorised resellers from India and across the world, just for you. Begin your journey online with one of the fastest growing, e-commerce brands in the country and have a seamless online shopping experience. Immerse yourself in the joy of browsing through the best Indian and international brands in fashion, luxury, electronics and jewellery.

Calling all MoviE Buffs!

Nothing beats a night out at the movies. Whether you are going with friends, family or on a date, watching a movie in a theatre is a great way to spend your evening. And what if we told you that now you can watch unlimited movies without breaking the bank? Presenting the MoviEcard- India's first ever movie subscription program where you can watch Unlimited New Movies in cinema! It is an E-Card to match India's Vision of Digital India. This particular card can be used by the consumer across 100 + Carnival properties in the country -wherein one can watch unlimited new movies in cinemas. Currently with over 5 lakh subscribers, MoviEcard Sales is an independent entity and aims to be the largest cinema subscription plan across 250 cities and 2,000 screens by 2021. This unique Movie subscription program has integrated with Qwikcilver to facilitate sales through our distribution channels and redemption on its App/Website via redemption integration. You can now buy Qwikcilver Powered MoviECard E-Subscription Gift Card from Woohoo.in and B2B distribution channels. This will be live on Amazon and other Gift card stores shortly. Get your Movie Card here

Travel Smart, Travel Right

The daily commute to and from our offices can be a harrowing experience. The ever-increasing fuel expenses, getting stuck in traffic for hours at end and then the guilt of contributing to the already extreme levels of pollution. People using public transportation with endless queues and herds don’t really have a pleasant ride either. But there is a convenient way of ensuring lesser fuel, lesser pollution and lesser vehicles on the road. Presenting rPool by redBus- an eco-smart option for handling all your travels to work by connecting you with fellow professional riders. Bikepooling and Carpooling are the best options for socially responsible citizens. Optimizing every ride, rPool makes it easy to find fellow riders for your route and pay for rides using your rPool Points. This is a unique carpool program where you pay each other for rides using rPool Points. These rPool points can then be redeemed by purchasing a gift card of your choice from the Gift Card store powered by Qwikcilver. So you get a chance to save the environment and get to choose from hundreds of brands! Now that's a sweet deal, isn't it?

A Gift Card here and A Gift Card there

Gift Cards are everywhere! The growing popularity of gift cards comes as no surprise. And it’s not just limited to apparel brands anymore. From food & beverage to electronics to home décor, gift cards are becoming the preferred gift for both purchasers and receivers alike. This has been possible with the launch of many marketplaces where consumers can buy hundreds of brand gift cards. We are happy to announce the launch of our Gift card store on Lifafa.com, a gift card marketplace. Qwikcilver is their most preferred partner for supplying the gift cards and we’ve launched close to 150 (and counting!) gift cards of various brands.

Convenience all the way!

The rising number of gifting occasions and the growing popularity of gifting culture has led to a surge in the popularity of gift cards. More and more businesses are appreciating the role of gift cards in keeping their customers engaged. Xpresso by ROI NET Solution Pvt. Ltd, is the latest business to jump on the gift card bandwagon. Qwikcilver has launched close to 135 gift card brands on Xpresso. Xpresso is in the business of Quick & easy Mobile & DTH recharge, Postpaid mobile, landline & utility bill payments, Air, Bus, Hotel & Train Bookings, SBI General Insurance, PAN Card & many more services and also has presence in rural areas.

Safety Matters

How safe are you and your loved ones from cyberattack? There are cybercriminals out there, looking to break into your computer whether to steal valuable information or simply to cause damage. Now you can safeguard your family and friends’ data, identity, privacy, and digital relationships with sophisticated solutions that are engaging and easy to use. Avast (LSE: AVST) is the global leader in digital security products combining artificial intelligence with human ingenuity to create the world’s largest cybersecurity network, protecting people and businesses from attacks online. Avast offers products under the Avast and AVG brands that protect people from threats on the internet and the evolving IoT threat landscape. Qwikcilver will be selling Avast AVG E-Gift card program on all its distribution channels in different denominations. Customers can visit the Avast AVG India website and select the products they want to purchase. While checking out they would use the Qwikcilver Powered E-Gift card as a Mode of Payment. Get your Avast Gift Card here

It’s time for ka-ching!

Yet another business jumping on the gift card bandwagon. This time, it’s none other than Cashkaro- India’s largest Cashback and Coupons site. CashKaro has a range of Cashback deals that can be availed while shopping online. A one-stop saving destination that fulfills all your shopping needs, CashKaro houses a wide variety of Cashback deals that can be availed over and above the retailer-specific coupons. We’ve launched the Gift card store on Cashkaro.com through our microsite solution.


It’s all about the convenience. The consumer’s quest for convenience has evolved over the years to the point that they want all products and services to be available at a push of a button, anyplace and anytime. So, what does this mean for retailers and brands? While most companies are leveraging technology to offer easier ways to shop, can they further enhance the customer experience by using innovative payment technology? Yes. Using advanced digital payment technologies can not only help in unlocking the brand’s full potential but can also go a long way in earning customer loyalty. QwikWalletx, a white-labeled wallet solution, enables the merchant to launch a unified wallet for its end customers. With an end to end functionality built around the product, it allows the end customer to load/credit and redeem/debit money from the wallet. This creates a seamless one-click checkout process at the online or offline retail stores With QwikRefundx brands have the power to manage refunds, buybacks, and credit notes effectively and in the process woo their customers and engage them. Click here to find out how retailers and brands can improve customer stickiness with Payment Solutions from Qwikcilver.


It’s time to show your love

As businesses around the world are getting back on track, we can do our small bit to help them out by standing with our favourite brands. We bring to you an opportunity to treat yourself with the gift cards of your favourite brands and express the love you have for them! And as you know, we have a huge umbrella of the most popular brands and services’ gift cards for you to choose from. Not to mention the exciting offers we bring exclusively for you! Go on, pick your favourite brand and show them our love here.

Mother’s Day Celebrations

This Mother’s Day, we gave mothers what they deserve- unlimited choice and instant convenience. From cosmetics to apparel to jewellery, we spoilt moms with everything they love! Not just that, we also ran an exciting contest on social media where we challenged our audience to guess the perfect gift that their mom would love and rave about. 3 lucky winners got special Woohoo gift cards! Check out all the lovely Mother's Day Gift Cards here.

Not to forget the movie fans

We celebrated the launch of Ghoomketu, Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s latest comedy-drama film, by offering a whopping 25% of Zee5 E-Gift Cards. Get your Zee5 Gift Card here


It’s time to show your love

Okay, so that was about the launches and campaigns that we ran last month. Now how about we tell you about the time we helped out a client with a successful channel engagement campaign by using the theory of gamification. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Our client, a multinational confectionery, food and beverage company wanted to create an engagement campaign for the Channel Partners to motivate and reward the purchasing behavior and decision, as well as raise their engagement level with the brand, all across India. Click here to read about how we set up a lucky draw construct that was easy to use and yet exciting enough to keep their channel partners engaged throughout the campaign.

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