Gift Card Solutions for Small Business

How can Gift Cards help your
Business today?

Small and Medium businesses need to stay positive now more than ever. Even though your customers can’t leave home, they can still support your business by buying your gift cards today. And they can redeem them whenever things are back to normal. Your Gift Card lets your loyal customers engage with you even in a crisis like this.
Engage and Reward your loyal Customers
Get new customers for your Retail or Online store
Promote referrals from existing customers
Increase sales across all product categories
Create targeted promotions to retain customers

Benefits for Small Businesses

Zero investment in technology and man power
Superior digital cards technology used by top retailers
Quickly create and execute new sales & marketing initiatives
Distribute gift cards in online and corporate catalogs

Business Ready Features

  • Generation of Gift CardsYes
  • Card/Voucher TypeDigital Codes
  • Card designs and Email Templates100+ Designs
  • Redemption of Gift Cards/VouchersThrough Web/Mobile/Device
  • Card Rule SettingsStandard Denomination & Expiry Settings
  • Reports & AnalyticsStandard Reports by Email
  • E-mail SupportYes
  • TelephonicYes
How does this work for my business?
Once you launch your own brand Gift Card, people including your customers can buy the gift cards for your products and services. Once they do, you get paid immediately for their future purchases leading to a positive cash flow. This payment helps to support your business without depending on loans completely. When businesses are open and operational again, customers can use these Gift Cards to purchase from you like they always did.


Can I limit the value of my Gift Cards?
The value of the Gift Cards are decided by you and also a customer can buy a Gift Card of any denomination limited by the maximum and minimum values set.
How will the customer get his/her Gift card?
The customer will receive the Gift Card as an SMS or Email
How do I launch my Gift Card?
Simple! Our experts will take care of everything required to help you launch your gift cards – you just need to give us your details in the form below.
How can a customer redeem the Gift Card?
Customers can redeem their Gift Cards wherever you have a presence. This includes your physical store, online store or even a mobile App.
What is the validity of the Gift Card?
The validity of the Gift Card is one year from the date of its issuing.
What if my customer's Gift card gets lost/stolen?
Your customer needs to protect the Gift card number and pin to avoid misuse. Neither you nor Qwikcilver shall assume any liability in case the Gift Card pin gets lost/stolen/compromised. We will not replace the Gift card or refund the cash.
Will I consider this as sale now or once customer redeems this?
The moment the customer purchases an Gift Card, it is considered as a sale as you would have received the money for the Gift Card

Start your Gift Card journey today!