How technology transformed the way a beverage brand rewarded its influencers


The beverage industry is witnessing exciting times with the rapid adoption of new twists on traditional drinks and the rising popularity of new concepts.  When our client, a multinational drink and brewing company, launched a new beverage in the market, their strategy was to generate trials through the recommendation of influencers. The direct influencers, in this case, were the restaurant’s waiters.

The Problem

The client wanted to launch a rewards program for waiters of select restaurants with the objective of creating a curated database of influencers and to continuously engage with them to maximize sales of the new brand launched. They also sought to drive specific behaviors from waiters.

But the enrolment of the waiters and target allotment for each waiter/influencer would have been very challenging without an application software. Also, access to sales performance by outlet and influencers was crucial to track the effectiveness of the program.

Then the client decided to explore the technology-powered solutions offered by Qwikcilver.

The Modus Operandi

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