7 Cardinal sins of the Channel Loyalty Program

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Channel Loyalty Program – A vital piece of your business.
A channel loyalty program is a crucial pillar and a vital element in the growth strategy of your business. It is concentrated on building the connection between a brand and its business partners. This has become critical for a brand to succeed in a competitive environment.

How to grow your business through corporate rewards

Corporate rewarding is a tricky thing. You are not so much rewarding an individual as you are a group; one that displays similar attributes, preferences, and expectations as a rewardee. A company must address three such groups if it wants to improve stakeholder engagement.

How technology transformed the way a beverage brand rewarded its influencers

The beverage industry is witnessing exciting times with the rapid adoption of new twists on traditional drinks and the rising popularity of new concepts. When our client, a multinational drink and brewing company, launched a new beverage in the market, their strategy was to generate trials through the recommendation of influencers. The direct influencers, in this case, were the restaurant’s waiters.

Empowering channel partners to drive sales growth in 2020 : Everything you need to know

Last month, we published a four-part blog series on how companies can unleash the potential of their channel partners and take their sales numbers to new heights.
A lot has changed since then. Businesses around the world are dealing with the unprecedented situation of the Coronavirus outbreak. Countries are seeing a high degree of economic interventions from their government and businesses are rapidly adjusting to the changing environment.

Empowering channel partners to drive sales growth in 2020 Part 3: Technology & Gift Cards

Technology has changed the way we shop, the way we travel and is well on its way to change the way we gift. Also, the use of technology in business has become a necessity. Now, what happens when we combine business with technological advancement in gifting? We get the most effective and efficient “reward program” for channel partners.