Transforming Refunds: Qwikcilver’s Customer-Centric Solution to Promote Repeat Business

Transforming Refunds: Qwikcilver's Customer-Centric Solution to Promote Repeat Business Welcome to Qwikcilver, where innovation is boundless, and the future of customer service is being redefined. Our cutting-edge solutions, backed by robust technology and industry expertise, are designed to not just meet but exceed our clients' expectations. And our next invention focuses on a critical, yet ... Read more

Best Practices on ecommerce Refunds

With Qwikcilver’s QwikRefund, you as a brand have the power to manage refunds, buybacks and credit notes effectively. Our refunds program allows you to issue refunds in the form of gift cards, merchant wallets or bank transfers and automate customer refunds.

Boosting Brand Awareness and Revenue: How Gift Cards can help Australian Brands

In recent years, gift cards have become increasingly popular among Australian consumers. According to a report by the Australian Retailers Association, gift cards were the most popular form of gift in Australia in 2020, with sales totaling over $3 billion. Gift cards present a valuable opportunity to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and revenue.

Gifting Down Under: Unlock the Power of Gift Cards in Australia with Qwikcilver

‍Gift cards are a popular choice in Australia for both businesses and consumers. A gift card is a prepaid, digital card that can be used to purchase goods or services from the issuer. Businesses can use gift cards to increase sales, offer rewards, and build customer loyalty. On the other side, customers get the convenience of purchasing items with a gift card without the need to carry cash.