The Giftopedia of Corporate Rewards

We know you.
The HR guy. The only professional who is consistently burning the midnight oil, trying to make ends meet at your workplace. And we don’t blame you for it. In fact, we admire you for your work.
But firstly, we will let out the secret. This ebook will be a soothing balm for your needs. It will reduce your headache of choosing the right rewards for your employees, and help you master the art of retaining them.
What is rewards after all but the tact of saying, ‘We need you’. If you have more time, learn the Three Musketeers trick of identifying key stakeholders and their needs. This will help you reward them better

Learn from Spider-Man

‘With great power comes great responsibility,’ Spider-Man’s uncle tells him. In today’s corporate web, any employee worth a dime is a Spider. They jump between the skyscrapers of different companies. Retaining them is as crucial a job as recruiting them in the first place.
But there is a crucial difference.
The catch-phrase here is, ‘with great rewards come greater responsibility’. With great rewards, you bestow greater responsibilities on the employees to outdo their own achievements. And they will be up for it. Because there is just a single reason to reward employees.
To retain them. Rewards then play a crucial role in determining the yearly recruitment budget. The more persuasive the rewards are, the less time (and money) you will spend on recruitment and training.
So if you are that HR professional who has been entrusted with the difficult task of putting together a rewards program for your organization, relax.
You have found the right resource: The Giftopedia of Corporate Rewards.
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