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Channel partners are the backbone of the retail sector and contribute 70-80 per cent to brands’ sales. But for the critical role played by them, are we appreciating them enough and giving them the due reward that they deserve? Distributors not being incentivized well is a common enough problem in the FMCG sector, this leads to them not being motivated and slowly will have an impact on the brand sales. All eyes are on the consumers and B2C marketing is an apple in the brand’s eye and B2B marketing becomes the ignored middle child who gets the hand me downs.

In the FMCG sector, brands reward their channel partners generally during popular festive seasons. In the past, a cash-based bonus was the most common way to reward and appreciate a channel partner. Cash proved to be an easier way of incentivization for the brand as they didn’t know the personal preferences of their channel partners. Slowly this moved to giving high value aspirational products such as motorcycles, gold coins, home appliances, smartphones and experiences such as travel to giving educational perks to the children of the channel partners. When they receive it for the first time they will be delighted, but how many times can you keep giving these products again and again? Who will keep track of what you have given your channel partner last year to this year? What if he/she already has a washing machine at home and you giving the same product is not going to motivate them or show that they matter to you.

Thanks to technology and its convenience, brands are finding newer avenues in engaging with their channel partners by offering innovative and more meaningful rewards. This is when personalized rewards programs came into existence and use tools such as gift cards to woo their channel partners. Brands also can avail the option of personalizing the gift cards for different occasions, based on the achievement and adding that personal touch. Channel partners are also evolving and prefer to do their own shopping using these gift cards and vouchers. Loyalty programs coupled with technology is used to provide personalized rewards and gives the flexibility to change the reward points depending on the sales on a real time basis. These innovations have also made the entire process transparent and there is no bias involved thus enabling the best channel partner to get his/her deserving reward.

It is no wonder that gift cards are gaining popularity as ultimately, they give the power of choice to the receiver, which in this case is the channel partner! Ensure that your channel partners are adequately rewarded this year by presenting them with a gift card and thus giving them the freedom of choice.

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Going out of your way to show appreciation for your employees, goes a long way in keeping them happy & motivated in your organization. When it comes to your employees, the choice of gifting in any season & for any reason should be a utilitarian gift. And now there’s a way to make each gift as personalized as it can be, without losing your sleep over it.

What is a Perfect Gift?  The one from their wish-list Your gift would say something. A bottle or coffee mug would say you lack imagination.  A pen-stand & a timepiece say you are boring.  Now, why rely on predictable bulk-gifting when you can make every gift interesting? Gift cards make this possible by letting each employee choose the gift they’ve been wishing for. A gift card is for sure to make all the workforce happy.

Why Qwikcilver? No one understands gifting like we do. Qwikcilver is a leader in providing gift card solutions across the globe. 8 out of 10 gift cards in India are powered by us, this enables us to issue gift cards instantly without any procurement delays. 40 million transactions are processed every year. We have partnered with 100+ offline & online brands ranging from e-commerce to fashion to travel to restaurants & so on. You get to pick gift cards from popular brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Myntra, Makemytrip, Cleartrip, Lifestyle, Shopperstop, Bigbazaar, Pantaloons, Spar, Taj Hotels, Titan & Dineout & more.

Which brand to choose?  We have a solution for that too! Woohoo Gift Card is a one-stop solution for all your confusion. Gifting a Woohoo card allows the recipients to buy any brand Gift card available at & app. It also offers multiple ways to redeem – online, in-stores, party or in full to shop at their convenience. What’s more, you carry your own branding in the gift card with your logo, image & personalized messages! For more details, contact us 1800 419 438 or write to


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1. Ensure that employees view the rewards as worth the effort
Employees who see the rewards as worth the effort will appreciate your effort and be more motivated to work hard to obtain them.
2. Make sure that employees understand how to earn the rewards
Managers should clearly define how employees can earn their rewards. When employees have a comprehensive understanding of what is expected of them, they will be more capable and focused in achieving performance standards.
3. Offer both financial rewards and non-monetary rewards
Reward systems that include a combination of monetary and non-monetary rewards have a wider appeal and a greater aspirational merits attached to them. A thoughtful non monetary gift will have a much stronger emotional pull.
4. Match the reward to the employee
Allow each employee to select their own reward or decide what rewards employees should receive under predefined circumstances. This will enhance their commitment to achieving the reward by engaging in the required behavior. Understanding the needs of employees is central to this process.
5. Provide rewards immediately after the employee achieves the desired behavior
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The longer the delay in providing the reward after the employee’s achievement, the less of an impact it has shaping subsequent behavior. With Qwikcilver’s cost effective employee rewards solutions, you can bring about a radical change in your employee rewards process by instantly rewarding your best performing employees and giving them the ability to choose the best reward. For more details, please write to

Self Serve Portal Self-service portal from Qwikcilver is a plug and play solution that enables corporates to launch and manage gift card based reward programs. The concept was born out of a need to develop a reward program with minimum dependency on third party vendors and at the same time ensure that other parameters of Compliance, Pricing and Quality are met at the highest levels. This portal enables the corporate teams, be it the HR managers or the Procurement managers to procure gift vouchers in bulk as a simple excel file or send to employees / customers in a customized email template with the click of a button. Qwikcilver’ s unparalleled fulfilment capabilities ensure that the delivery of gift vouchers happen instantaneously. The self-serve portal empowers corporates to choose from over 100 brands besides providing different hierarchies and user level privileges. MIS and reporting options are available for informed decision making. Seamless and convenient experience and process flows makes usage of this platform a walk in the park for the users to manage their reward programs. For more information or if you are interested in signing up, please write in to

corporategiftcards Clients, employees, partners, vendors, customers – your gift list gives you the shivers, doesn’t it? Who decides which gifts will be appropriate for all the people on your list in budget & in time? And then again, what if you choose a gift that your employee or an important client doesn’t like at all? How do you plan on handing over each person’s gift & quality of the product when they receive it? The questions never end, do they? We do understand why you get more stressed-out the closer we get to the biggest festival of the year. Everyone in your list will be expecting some tokens from you & you do not want to repeat the gifts. You don’t want to offend anyone or make anyone feel un-appreciated, or worse, under-appreciated. Allow us to eliminate your stress This Diwali make your corporate gifting experience exciting, enjoyable and absolutely stress-free with Gift Cards from Qwikcilver. With over 100+ brands we are simply Everything Gift Cards! No more quality scares & multi-vendor stress to deal with & added benefit of Gift cards not having to incur GST which makes it even more hassle-free! Some Fabulous Brands To Consider For Diwali Here are some great brands you can look at, for perfectly appropriate gift options for your corporate gift recipients: Online Brands: Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Pepperfry Electronics: Croma, Reliance Digital Books: Crossword, Sapna Book House Travel: Cleartrip, Makemytrip, Thomas Cook Restaurants: Bluefood, Dineout, Dominos Department Stores: Shopperstop, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, Central, Westside Hypermarkets: Spar, Spencers, BigBazaar Accessories: Hidesign, Titan, Landmark Fashion: Levis, Van Heusen, Peter England, Arrow, US Polo, Arvind, Allen Solly, Louise Phillpe Health & Beauty: Vlcc, Lakme, Apollo, Himalaya Hotel: Lemontree, Oberoi,Taj Hotels …and many more! Eliminate The Dilemma Of Choice As Well! If you are not sure of which brand to choose, just opt for the Woohoo Gift Card. It brings all the brands into one card, making it the most preferred card by Corporates. Using the Woohoo gift card, your recipient can now purchase physical or e-gift cards from 100+ brands across wide range of categories listed in That makes your gift their choice!