May 2022


Magnanimous May

Qwikcilver May 2022 Newsletter
The month began with Mother's Day, a celebration steeped in love and adoration, honoring all those who mum!

But that's not all!

Our ever-growing portfolio of brands continues to flourish with new gift card programs launched this month. With so many exciting launches, Qwikcilver continues to revolutionize the global Gift Card Industry, leveraging how brands are looking to get into the action.

This edition has lots to discover, from launches and corporate reward success stories to Mother's Day celebrations, and of course, Woohoo flying high, and an all-new addition, especially for our South East Asia folks!

New Launches

Launch of Wildcraft Gift Card Program

Wildcraft gift card Go on wild adventures with Wildcraft by your side! With travel services gradually returning, it's time to tick off that bucket list one by one. Do you know what would make a thoughtful gift for someone desperate to travel? A Wildcraft Gift Card! Powered by Qwikcilver. With Wildcraft, Come what may, an explorer is ready for anything! Ready for a new adventure to unfold? The Gift Card is fully integrated with their offline billing POS (AX POS). Due to the brand's reputation as an offline retail chain, the gift card can only be used at their Exclusive Brand Outlets and not on the webstore in phase one. After the product gains some traction, phase two will be dedicated to integrating the webstore QwikBit About the Brand Incorporated in 1998, Wildcraft India Pvt Ltd. (WIPL) is India’s foremost company in the manufacturing and distributing head-to-toe products for trek-to-travel solutions, serving more than 3.5 million customers annually with sales of more than USD 100 Million. Be it outdoor-friendly clothing, ergonomically designed gear, all-terrain footwear, or all-purpose travel case, Wildcraft has one mission – to engineer versatile, multi-functional, lightweight, weather-resilient products for the savvy backpacker in you. Wildcraft is equipped with an extended geo footprint of 200+ exclusive brand stores across 60+ cities with 5000+ retail points of sale across India. This also includes over 1000 points of sale across departmental stores & hypermarkets.

Launch of Nilkamal & @Home Gift Card Program

Leela Good vibes galore with Nilkamal & @Home! Your friends are hosting a housewarming party, and you’re wondering what to gift them? Well, fret not! Now brighten up someone’s home and spread good vibes with elegant furniture or gorgeous home décor by gifting the Nilkamal & @Home Gift card. These Gift Cards will make their lives easier and more comfortable! Gift Cards from Nilkamal & @Home will be available in Physical and Digital Formats.The Gift Card is fully integrated with their POS at the offline stores to enable issuance and redemption of Physical Gift cards and integrated with Shopify to enable acceptance of the gift cards from their website. The gift cards have been listed on and, in due course, be available on other distribution channels as well. QwikBit ABout the Brand Nilkamal has been a part of Indian homes for centuries, whether it is a simple plastic chair in your living room or an entire furniture set in your bedroom, making it India's favorite furniture brand. As a Company, Nilkamal upholds the quality factor of its products at the highest pedestal. This has resulted in Nilkamal being an undisputed leader in moulded plastic market. The Company has extended this expertise to Nilkamal’s range of Ready Furniture to add emotion and charm to your sheen interiors.

Launch of EPayLater Network Cards Program for B2B Lending

EPayLater Network Cards Program All your budding business needs is EPayLater! Starting a business is a whole new adventure—a journey filled with a lot of turns, bumpy ups & downs. Imagine if you had something on which you could rely financially as you moved closer to your destination? Your journey is about to get a lot smoother, thanks to something we've got - EPayLater PinePerks RuPay Card! PineLabs and EPayLater have teamed up to create PinePerks RuPay cards, making it easier than ever to get credit for your business. What is the product? PinePerks RuPay Card(Reloadable) is an Open Loop Card accepted online and offline by merchants that accept RuPay. A vital feature of this product is that it allows its customers to control their spending with features such as enabling/disabling E-Com transactions, POS transactions, hotlisting cards, PIN setting and resetting as well as controlling transaction limits all through an application or website provided by the Distributor at their fingertips. The product is available in both digital and physical formats. Additional security measures are in place to protect sensitive data where OTP validation is required for viewing card details, setting PINs, and resetting them. As part of the issuance, KYC is done in multiple ways, including CKYC, Video KYC, and RE-to-RE KYC leverage. Overview of the program: With the assistance of Pine Labs, EPayLater will offer corporates and customers credit via PinePerks RuPay Cards (Reloadable). Users will be required to register themselves in the EPayLater APP, in which the company will perform KYC using the CKYC Number for the user and assign an eligible credit based on internal criteria. The Physical Card will be sent to the user within two working days following successful KYC and delivered to the address provided by the customer during registration. As an option, we offer bypassing OTP for viewing Card Details and setting PIN as a custom requirement. Phase 2 will include creating digital cards and converting digital cards to physical cards without changing the card details. QwikBit About the Business ePaylater is India's best "Buy Now, Pay Later" solution for payments that puts convenience at the forefront of its FinTech innovation. They aim at unwrapping the true power of convenience by providing easy online credit to corporates and end customers. ePayLater partners with NBFCs to offer credit to its customers. ePayLater offers small businesses primarily in the FMCG sector a credit limit of up to 25 Lakhs to fund their business purchases and growth. The credit limit can be utilized at any partner merchant & Credit limits can be utilized 'n' number of times and can be repaid within 7/14 days @ 0% Interest. This helps small businesses fund their operational purchases multiple times within the credit period. In addition, they also get amazing rewards and cash backs from time to time, and this is over and above the offers provided by partner merchants. If you are a seller, ePayLater helps you get more customers and increase sales. It takes away the hassle of assessing credit risk and blocking your capital, and it also helps reduce collection costs as it is an entirely digital solution.

Launch of the Gift Card Program & Wallet Program for FinuSmart Private Limited

Gift Card Program & Wallet Program for FinuSmart Private Limited Give the gift of wellness and health with FinuSmart! Take simple steps today towards healthy living! Start with gifting yourself and your loved ones the FinuSmart Gift Card, powered by Qwikcilver, to secure a healthy life! FinuSmart offers one-stop customized wellness & health benefits to people across the nation! FinuSmart Gift Cards are a convenient way to get all these incredible and exclusive benefits backed by India's leading healthcare and the insurance company. Visit FinuSmart for more information. FinuSmart Gift Cards will be available in digital format, and the Wallet functionality has also been enabled. The FinuSmart Gift Card must be purchased and added to the customer's wallet before the Gift Card can be redeemed. QwikBit About the Brand Finusmart is a wellness tech company providing customized wellness, healthcare & insurance benefits to all its members across all walks of life. FinuSmart members are eligible for a variety of exclusive, unique, and affordable pocket-sized health insurance benefit schemes. This range of affordable wellness and health care products is offered seamlessly through their website.

Corporate Reward Program

Exceptional Corporate Reward Success Stories

Corporate Reward Success Stories Happiness is Just a Scratch Away! Our client is a diversified company dealing with agro-chemicals, fertilizers, and seeds. Over 10 million farmers are served by the company's eco-friendly, high-quality crop care products. Requirement: Among the best agritech companies, our client launched three exciting campaigns for retailers in several regions where retailers can get rewards instantly simply by giving missed calls to a given VMN number. Qwikcilver worked to ensure the campaigns ran smoothly. An overview of the campaign structure: Campaign 01:
  • Campaign based on missed calls received on the VMN number from Retailers triggers an instant message to their contact information.
  • Qwikcilver - Pine Labs team contacts all winners daily to collect data.
  • Qwikcilver - Pine Labs will send amazing Amazon vouchers to approved retailers once a week, and the client will be notified after vouchers are disbursed.
Campaign 02 (in West Bengal and Orissa Region):
  • An external agency handled Scratch Cards and prizes.
  • Clients were able to offer coupons with gift values ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 500 during this large-scale campaign.
  • The retailers receive an auto-generated Paytm voucher immediately after sending the Unique Coupon Code to the number on the scratch card.
Campaign 03(in the South Region):
  • Scratchcards and prizes were processed by Qwikcilver - Pinelabs.
  • Clients were able to offer coupons with gift values.
  • Each mobile number could claim two unique codes.
With Qwikcilver Solutions' seamless process management, the campaigns are gaining tremendous traction. If you are interested in learning more about our brand-specific programs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Qwikcilver Celebrations

Mother's Day 2022

Mother's Day ‘To All Those Who Mum’ This Mother's Day, we celebrated the diversity of motherhood and the women who make it so wonderful. We toasted all the mothers, from young moms to seasoned ones, from expecting moms to plant moms and pet moms.

Woohoo News

woohoo gift cards The month of April began with a prank in which Woohoo fooled their customers by telling them that no offer would be forthcoming. The plan was to see how many people would fall for this trick and how many would realize it was an April Fool's prank. Woohoo had no idea what reaction they would get! This was a fun way to convey the importance of not forgetting to use their gift cards. Get it now on Woohoo! woohoo gift cards Are you looking for a gift that your friends and family will cherish and use for years to come? Choose Nikamal Gift Cards for a unique gifting gesture. Now available on Woohoo! woohoo gift cards Get a Wildcraft Gift Card and share your passion for the outdoors with your loved ones. Let them enjoy the backpack or adventure gear of their dreams for a lifetime. Now available on Woohoo! woohoo gift cards Would you like to give your loved ones the most thoughtful gift? Any occasion can be made special with the @home gift card, and it promises to be the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Let your loved ones choose what they truly love and discover the joy of gifting. Now available on Woohoo! Woohoo! It’s time to Summer! woohoo gift cards Here's to summer! A season filled with relaxation, treats, and entertainment. Together with Pizza Hut, BookMyShow, and Google Play, Woohoo has created some exciting offers for its audience. Now you can treat your loved ones with Food and Beverage E-gift cards from Woohoo. The key to a happy heart is filling a hungry stomach. Now available on Woohoo!

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