Qwikcilver solving for bulk fulfilment of gift card orders

Retailers normally receive large volume of corporate gift card orders. For popular retailers, the corporate gift card orders can contribute up to 60% to 70% of total gift card orders. Processing this large volume of gift card orders can overwhelm retailer fulfilment teams.
Image 1: Issues faced in bulk gift card fulfilment
Multiple precautions need to be taken before gift card order fulfilment. Errors can spoil the gifting experience for end customers. Retailers also need to be vigilant against fraud as multiple individuals can get involved in the disbursal of brand currency.

Introducing QwikServx – Now simplify your bulk gift card fulfilment

QwikServx is a self-service, browser based tool, where corporate customers & resellers of the retailer can log-in and procure gift cards and e-gift cards. This helps in the reduction of retailer manpower and fulfilment time for processing corporate gift card orders.

QwikServxis a completely secure platform, where access is controlled via secure login and other methods. This tool also offers multiple operational controls to retailers for credit limits management, user management, catalog management, gift card customisation, secure activation and gift card delivery.
Image 2: Customisation option for QwikServx
QwikServx provides several granular reports to track issuance of gift cards at a user or recipient level, and helps in easy reconciliation. For retailers wanting to fulfil gift card orders through own fulfilment teams, QwikServx can also be used as a bulk order management tool.

QwikServx – Important features for retailers

QwikServx is the only tool that a retailer requires for corporate gift card order management and bulk delivery of gift cards. The below illustration details the important features of QwikServx.
Image 3: QwikServx Summary of Features
QwikServx thus allows for rapid proliferation of a retailer’s gift cards in corporate and reseller channels. To schedule a demo of QwikServx, please drop your details in the below form.

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