Be seen, be heard, be preferred

In this age of rapidly changing consumer preferences and decreasing customer loyalty, a marketing tool that can run multiple targeted promotions in real time is worth its weight in gold. QwikPromox enables you to do that and more! As a brand you can now design and deploy a multitude of promotions based on any number of business rules and combinations. Multiple promotions can even be run simultaneously.

Here are the various types of promotions you can run powered by QwikPromox
  • Promotions specific to a brand and governed by the transactional value
  • Sale Day promotions where consumer earns rewards for spends on the sale day
  • Festival promotions with Gift Cards
  • Channel specific promotions, eg: App/Web to increase channel engagement
  • Time bound ‘Happy Hours’ sales for increased engagement during off peak hours
Want to know more on how QwikPromox can boost your brand’s promotions? Talk to the experts here.

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