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Charlie Munger from Berkshire Hathaway said, “Show me the incentive and I will show you the outcome.”
Every company however big or small needs to factor in incentives to ensure a particular outcome; be it their employee productivity, channel partners’ commitment or their customer acquisition/ retention strategy.
For instance, how would you ensure that your channel partners are motivated to sell a product line? Or encourage your customers to try out a new product you have brought into the market?
Over the years, Gift Cards have emerged as a very powerful solution - One that powers ad hoc campaigns and are also popular from the recipient’s point of view.
Now what if there is a single product suite designed to utilize gift cards for running various promotions for your channel partners or end customers!
Presenting to you, QwikCampaignx an extension of our QwikRewardsx program. It is the elixir for all your powerful trade promotions and consumer campaigns for various reasons
  1. The plug and play solution enables you to choose from among thousands of gift cards (your choice of brand, theme and messaging)
  2. Featuring multiple channels to make sure your campaigns are 100 percent effective. The Qwikcilver network of associated brands also ensures that you do not need to rope in multiple vendors to power your campaigns.
  3. You can back up your program with effective rewards management that includes a choice of most sort after brands, real time user validation and immense flexibility in denominations and validity.
  4. Further, the solution also offers support for conditional gratification. On successful completion of the campaign, you can analyse its effectiveness with the powerful, built-in MIS and reporting tool.
So why wait? You are just a click away from your first successful campaign! Talk to us, Now!

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