Product Updates – Q3 2019

Product Updates – Q2 2019

Enable real-time distribution of gift cards in all channels

Once a gift card program goes live, one of the main challenges faced by the merchant/ retailer is to build traction for the gift card among external consumers. While retailing of gift cards in the merchant’s online & retail stores is mandatory, it is also important to explore other external channels for gift card distribution. These other channels can be online marketplaces, corporate rewards catalogs and reseller channels; and can provide a quick boost to the visibility and sales of gift cards. However all these channels prefer live integrations with merchant partners for gift card distribution, because of the following 4 reasons.
Image 1: Requirements of gift card distribution channels

How QwikGiftAPIx – can help merchants in large scale distribution to external partners?

QwikGiftAPIx enables merchants for the real-time distribution of gift cards. This API service today supports the activation of all gift cards processed by Qwikcilver in India and other geographies. The API offers easy and secure integration options to gift card resellers and rewards catalogs operators interested in procuring gift cards. Thus, today QwikGiftAPIxis the one-stop API solution for both Merchants (looking to distribute gift cards), and Resellers (looking to procure/ sell gift cards for their channels).
Image 2: QwikGiftAPIx connecting merchants with distribution channels

QwikGiftAPIx – Business Benefits for Merchants

QwikGiftAPIx helps merchants with easy management of gift card distribution to multiple resellers through a secure environment. QwikGiftAPIx provides merchants with multiple controls including provisioning of credit limits, activation values, denominations etc.

QwikGiftAPIx – Important features for retailers

QwikGiftAPIx is the only tool that a retailer requires for corporate gift card order management and bulk delivery of gift cards. The below illustration details the important features of QwikGiftAPIx.
Increases your gift card sales by getting the product placed in multiple reseller channels
Credit limit and other controls for partners and resellers
Fully secure platform. Transparent tracking and reporting
Save on API development and engineering cost
Image 3: Four major benefits of QwikGiftAPIx for merchants
Merchants can save on the development and engineering bandwidth for creating and maintaining the API service. Qwikcilver also provides integration services and support to the resellers consuming the APIs. Real-time activation via QwikGiftAPIx also helps resellers in providing the best gifting / rewards experience to their end users. This helps in the quick uptake of merchant gift cards in reseller channels.

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