Keeping Customer Privacy at the forefront of Rewarding

Reward campaigns are a great way to engage your customers, achieve intended business goals, build a loyal community and amplify brand advocacy.
Keeping customer privacy at the forefront of rewarding

In recent times owing to increasing customer privacy concerns, sharing personal information of customers has been increasingly frowned upon. This could either be due to internal policies in your organization or government regulations associated with the type of industry you function in or simply the inherent skepticism of your customers on possible data leak/misuse.
And with frequent occurrences of untoward incidents in recent times, every brand wants to eliminate even the remotest probability of such a risk.
In some instances of customer interaction, you may not be able to capture relevant customer data as a part of rewarding. Expecting customers to share their personal information as a criteria while claiming rewards might not be the ideal customer experience either.
But does that mean rewarding your customers should be more tedious? Or that you need to invest heavily on a tech solution to facilitate it with ease?
With our new solution, it doesn’t matter anymore!
QwikClaimx, an evolutionary version created of our QwikCampaignx solution, helps brands like you resolve this challenge by completely eliminating the need of data sharing at any point of reward life cycle, from qualification to gratification and last mile fulfilment.
This means that you can now send just a reward code to eligible customers via your own communication channels; either directly displayed on your portal or one you can send as an email when they complete the intended action. Your customers can then use this code to claim rewards from a choice of brand vouchers displayed on their screens. Instantly.
What’s even better? With our attractive commercial models you can ensure maximum ROI for your reward spends.
So why wait? Join the family of forward thinking brands who have chosen to keep customer privacy at the forefront of rewarding. Talk to us now

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