October 2023


Greetings, and welcome to the October installment of the Qwikcilver Newsletter!

As the festive season begins, the air is filled with the thrilling anticipation of indulgent meals, bustling shopping trips, and the joyous exchange of gifts with those we hold dear. Behind the scenes, we've been fervently bringing to life new programs and groundbreaking initiatives tailored to enhance the experiences of both our clients and their consumers.

To add to the excitement, we're thrilled to announce that Qwikcilver is now in the USA! More details on this development are in the next section!

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Qwikcilver is now in the USA

Hello USA

Exciting news! Qwikcilver has set foot in the USA, ready to accelerate your brand growth in this land of immense potential!

Gift cards aren't just about gifting anymore; they're a strategic business tool. Given their wide acceptance across diverse consumer demographics in the US, consistent growth in the gift card market has been witnessed over the past few years, leading an array of enterprises to foster customer expenditure, boost sales, and enhance customer experience through prepaid programs.

Qwikcilver stands ready to provide your brand with scalable, future-proof, prepaid solutions. For more information or to get started, do not hesitate to reach out to us at marketing@qwikcilvermail.com. Let’s give your business the boost it deserves!

Corporate Reward Programs



We are happy to announce the recent launch of an innovative consumer promotion campaign by Qwikcilver for one of India's leading tyre manufacturers. This promotion is designed to stimulate tyre sales by incentivising customers across the nation.

The campaign offers an attractive and easy-to-understand reward system. After purchasing a tyre from the brand, customers receive a scratch card from the retailer. This scratch card contains a unique code, which the customer can validate via a user-friendly microsite accessible either by scanning a QR code on the card or giving a missed call to a designated number.

Upon landing on the microsite, the customer inputs their personal details along with the unique code from the scratch card. Validating the code results in an instant reward in the form of a gift voucher.

This promotion benefits both the tyre manufacturer by boosting their sales, and the customers who receive instant gratification for their loyalty & purchase. It is expected that this intuitive mechanism will drive a significant increase in the tyre manufacturer's sales across India.

Qwikcilver, renowned for their technological solutions and innovative partnerships, is pleased to bring this inventive promotion to the market, demonstrating once again their commitment to finding effective and beneficial solutions for their clients.

We are excited to see how the promotion unfolds and are confident that it will prove to be a success story for both Qwikcilver and our client.



We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new and innovative microsite by Qwikcilver for a leading alcobev company. In a strategic move to facilitate streamlined and efficient employee rewards, our client from the alcobev industry will employ this dynamic microsite for their end-to-end rewarding processes.

The microsite will serve as a centralized platform for the client to create multiple business units and set up various rewarding programs. Armed with this custom-built site, the alcobev company will be able to simplify the process of assigning, tracking, and managing rewards, thereby establishing a well-organized and effective reward distribution system.

The first two reward programs have already gone live on the platform, which celebrate unity, camaraderie, and recognize exceptional contributions and achievements of employees.

This collaboration brings together Qwikcilver's expertise in cutting-edge technology solutions and the client's commitment to acknowledging and rewarding their employees' efforts. The microsite is a testament to how technology can simplify processes and make recognitions more transparent, streamlined, and satisfying.



We are excited to announce yet another exciting consumer campaign with a leading health care brand that provides heart-healthy foods and services, designed to blend seamlessly with everyday lifestyles.

Consumers partake by purchasing the brand's promotional pack. They can either scan the included QR code or dial the number for a missed call to receive a promotional website link via SMS. There, they enter personal details and a unique code for identity verification. Upon successful OTP verification, participants choose between an Amazon e-voucher or a Paytm e-voucher – both worth Rs. 100.

The campaign distinguishes itself through the power of real-time rewards. As soon as participants make their e-voucher selection, they receive it via SMS instantly. This promotion unites heart-conscious choices with the perks of immediate rewards, demonstrating Qwikcilver's dedication to crafting tech-based strategies for enhanced consumer interaction and improved health.



We are proud to announce the launch of a consumer promotion campaign for one of India's largest integrated Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars manufacturers. The innovative, data-driven campaign is designed to spike up sales during off-peak periods.

The newly launched consumer promotion will allow customers to derive additional benefits, with point-of-purchase rewards for a minimum purchase of 250 Kgs of TMT.

Upon purchasing steel products, customers will receive a leaflet containing a QR code along with the necessary details for the registration process. Customers are required to download the brand's app available on both, the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The registration requires the entering of a secret dealer code. Once this code is entered, customers are automatically mapped to the respective dealers and the sales team.

Post login, users can scan the acquired QR code through the mobile app. Upon a successful scan, the users are eligible to participate in a 'Spin the Wheel' multiplier game. The perk of this feature lies in the fact that, depending on the campaign run by the brand, additional multipliers could increase the value of the rewards earned.

With such an engaging reward system in place, not only is the brand set to achieve increased engagement with their customers, but it also promises to infuse new life into the off-season sales lull.



We are delighted to announce the launch of a groundbreaking consumer promotion for one of the world's leading chocolate manufacturers. The ingenious promotion, exclusively designed to boost the sales of the brand’s dark chocolate range, has gone live and is set to engage chocolate lovers around the globe.

The promotion, driven by Qwikcilver's state-of-the-art technology, utilizes the power of mobile communication to engage the customer directly. The modus operandi involves consumers purchasing a dark chocolate pack at either GT (General Trade) or MT (Modern Trade) outlets, where they’ll find promo communication and a unique code printed on the packaging.

To claim their reward, customers simply need to text this unique code to a dedicated Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) where the automated response system then instantly replies with a BookMyShow voucher code. This simplistic yet engaging process seamlessly integrates with the user's experience, adding a value-added surprise to their purchase.

This partnership and innovative promotional campaign serve to strengthen the relationship between consumers and the revered chocolate brand. By offering an exciting and instant reward of a BookMyShow voucher, the promotion aims to enhance the overall consumer experience, ultimately driving up the sales of the brand's dark chocolate range.



We have rolled out a novel Retailer Loyalty Program for one of India's leading Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies. This innovative program leverages rewarding strategies to acknowledge the critical role that retailers play in the FMCG industry's success.

In this exciting program, retailers are rewarded based on the successful achievement of monthly targets. The program operates on a points system where, upon reaching predefined target slabs, participating retailers will earn points that can be redeemed for gift vouchers. This initiative enables a mutually beneficial environment, creating an incentive for retailers to boost their sales performance whilst strengthening the relationship with the esteemed FMCG brand.

Completely transforming the concept of loyalty programs, this initiative intelligently utilizes Qwikcilver's cutting-edge technology, ensuring smooth operations and a seamless user experience for participating retailers. The execution of this points-based system for retailer accomplishments redefines the traditional realms of reward and recognition in the B2B space.

The introduction of the Retailer Loyalty Program marks a significant step towards recognizing and valuing the critical contributions of retailers in the sales funnel. By furthering its dedication to the retail sector in such a tangible and rewarding manner, Qwikcilver, through this Retailer Loyalty Program, continues to aid its clients in nurturing stronger relationships and promoting business growth on a comprehensive scale.

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