May 2021


Majestic May

Hello, there – We hope you are safe and sound at this time. As India powers through the second wave of COVID-19, we urge you to take care of yourself and those around you.

Also, We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our healthcare and frontline workers; their dedication is truly inspiring. They continue to risk their lives for the nation, and for that, we are ever more grateful to them.⁣⁣

Here at Qwikcilver, things have been rather busy, from exciting program launches worldwide to Mother’s Day campaign; there’s a lot for you to browse through during this lockdown.

P.S. Don’t Wait, Vaccinate! Do your part to protect yourself and your loved ones.

New Airline Program Launches

Luxair: Asset Manager Solution

Qwikcilver onboards the European carrier Luxair, with Asset Manager Solution in collaboration with Amadeus. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to direct your attention to the exciting news we have to share. We are delighted to announce our successful launch the Asset Manager Solution powered by Qwikcilver for Luxair, a first for a European carrier. Luxair has directly integrated with Qwikcilver’s APIs to support Compensation and Residual issuance along with QwikWebStore for distribution, QwikServ, to import EMDs, QwikPOS for back-office operations, and QwikCilver and Amadeus integrated solution for Redemption flows. Qwikcilver collaborating with Amadeus is powering Luxair to maintain traveler trust, reignite the love of travel, and drive innovation in customer service. For this, Qwikcilver has received laurels and excellent recommendations from Luxair during a recent conference held by Amadeus with their partner Airlines. Here’s the Luxair success story for you to look through. Qwikcilver’s strategic collaboration with Amadeus allows us to have a separate distribution platform hosted exclusively to cater to the Asset Manager Solution. With the help of Amadeus’ global reach, we now have a new extension parameters framework that supports large-scale integrations across industries. It is a first-of-a-kind GDPR instance. With this collaboration, we hope to bring our innovative solutions to a larger global audience. Our Asset Manager Solution is a quintessential voucher-based solution built in collaboration with Amadeus, customizing Qwikcilver's processing and distribution solutions to integrate with Amadeus' ticketing system that caters to the Airline and Hospitality industry across the globe. QwikBit About the Brand: Luxair is a key and responsible player as well as a significant employer in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the surrounding Greater Region. The company has been active for over 50 years in four aviation-related activities: passenger air transport, tour operating, airport services, and air freight handling.

Malaysia Airlines: Asset Manager Solution

Qwikcilver bags Malaysia Airlines, with the Asset Manager Solution in collaboration with Amadeus. Cheers to the beginning of a new era! Presenting Qwikcilver’s first Airline Program launch in the South East Asia region, a well-known global Carrier - Malaysia Airlines, with Asset Manager Solution in collaboration with Amadeus. Bolstering the Asset Manager Solution, we have performed a large-scale import of Malaysia Airlines’ existing e-tickets into the Qwikcilver system and converted them into e-vouchers. These are redeemable as part of the joint solution via Amadeus's online and offline channels. That’s not the only highlight of the Malaysia Airlines Program; Qwikcilver has integrated a suite of Qwik Products for this program to work smoothly, QwikServ – An end-to-end solution for all corporate and bulk gift card order management and fulfillment. QwikPOS – Web-based activation and redemption interface for the non-integrated model. Read more about the program on Malaysia airlines' webpage created for its end-users. QwikBit About the Brand: Malaysia Airlines is the national carrier of Malaysia, offering the best way to fly to, from, and around Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines carries up to 40,000 guests daily on memorable journeys inspired by Malaysia’s diverse richness. Malaysia Airlines embodies the incredible diversity of Malaysia, capturing its rich traditions, cultures, and cuisines via its inimitable Malaysian Hospitality across all customer touchpoints. Since September 2015, the airline has been owned and operated by Malaysia Airlines Berhad. It is part of the Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), a global aviation organization that comprises different aviation business portfolios to serve Malaysian air travel needs. As a member of the Oneworld Alliance, Malaysia Airlines offers superior connectivity with seamless journeys to as many as 1,000 destinations to more than 170 territories, and access to over 650 airport lounges worldwide. Thank you for your attention!

New Launches

ZALORA Gift Card Program

When in doubt, give the gift of endless shopping possibilities with a ZALORA Gift Card. Is a special occasion coming up or a birthday, maybe? If you are in Singapore, confused, and can’t make up your mind about what to give them, why not surprise your loved ones with a gift card from ZALORA, powered by Qwikcilver. They could get themselves a gift from any brand they adore. ZALORA offers a wide selection of Top fashion designer brands available for the exclusive shopping experience. ZALORA and Qwikcilver have embarked on regional collaboration for Qwikcilver's state-of-the-art stored value processing platform to power ZALORA gift cards in South East Asia with Singapore as the first market. ZALORA has appointed Qwikcilver as the authorized master distributor to administer services to ZALORA for their B2B gift card distribution across ZALORA’s own B2B channels. Qwikcilver is also developing new B2B distribution channels to scale up ZALORA's gift card program across Singapore, making it the leading program and then subsequently for other markets in the SEA region. QwikBit about the brand ZALORA is Asia’s leading online fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destination, part of Global Fashion Group. As one of the region’s pioneers large-scale eCommerce platforms, ZALORA has established a strong presence throughout the region, particularly in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, enjoying over 50 million visits per month. With an extensive collection of top international and local brands, ZALORA is a curated platform where shoppers can find all the things they love in one place. Customers can discover authentic products from over 3000 brands across various categories, from apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, pre-loved, and lifestyle, including essentials and home & living products.

Bhima Jewellers Gift Card Program

For all the emotional occasions that bring happiness, there’s a Gift Card from Bhima Jewellers. Precious jewelry makes some of the best gifts in the world. Perfect for any auspicious occasion, the timeless beauty and value of jewelry symbolize your priceless love for your beloved. Choose from a wide range of Bhima's gold, diamond, & platinum jewelry to weave together stories of love. If you are perplexed by the variety of gift options offered by Bhima Jewellers, Bhima Jewellery Gift cards powered by Qwikcilver are here for your rescue. An ideal choice for gifting. Qwikcilver has launched this gift card program with Bhima's Karnataka entity - Bhima Jewellers. With this program, Bhima Jewellers are launching two distinguished varieties of cards: Gold Coin & Jewellery Gift cards. These are currently available in digital variants. Bhima Jewellers Gift cards are redeemable at select physical outlets. The work is underway to launch it on their E-commerce channel also thereby making the program genuinely Omni-channel. QwikBit About the Brand: Bhima, a legacy jeweler, was established in the year 1925 and a pioneer in precious jewelry, offering an extensive range of gold, platinum, silver, and diamond jewelry in classic, traditional and contemporary designs. Having over 40 stores across South India and U.A.E., Bhima lives up to its reputation of purity, trust, and fine craftsmanship that has been built over nine decades.

Celebrating Mother’s Week at Qwikcilver

Mothers are a gift; they are unique and super special in their loving way. We see how strong Mothers are in every aspect of their lives and how they imbibe the same strength into their children as they grow. They deserve the credit for making their children who they are today. With this campaign, we invited the members of Team Qwikcilver to share their narrative of how their mother is a gift and what she has gifted to them that has played a significant role in raising and making them who they are with #SheMadeMeWhoIAm.

Woohoo News

Woohoo, giving the best to the #BestGiftOfLife. The letter M in MOTHER stands for the million gifts that our mothers give us. Our mum-in-the-billion deserves more than a billion of love, happiness, and care. No matter how good or bad the time is, our mother’s blessings are always with us; no matter how far we are, her love and care are always there. No matter how tough it gets, our mothers will never give up. This year, Woohoo celebrated the greatest Mum-ento of our lives by asking their followers to dedicate a song to the greatest gift of our life - OUR MOM. The rules were simple: dedicate a song to your mom or just any line, share the post on the story using the #bestgiftoflife, follow Woohoo on Social media, and nominate three friends so they can participate as well. The responses we received were intriguing. Selected winners got special Woohoo E-gift cards! For More Exciting Offers on Gift Cards. Click Here

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