March 2021


Mirthful March

March - a month that is full of colors, a month that celebrates the incomparable spirit of womanhood and a month that hosts busy minds churning out ideas and innovations. Amidst the launches this month, we also saw the launch of Aavishkar – Qwikcilver’s first ever annual tech week. The tech week is a promise to the category, our customers and finally ourselves that we will be at the forefront of the future of Gift Cards and Stored Value technology. This month we also celebrated some of the stellar women here at Qwikcilver and their contributions. From Woohoo we bring you Woohoo Coins, your very own return gift every time you gift on Sounds interesting? Then read on. 😊

New Launches

Landmark Group Gift Card Program

Embark on the joy of gifting with Landmark Group’s new E-gift Cards! Your mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, women friends, and every woman who touches your life make a difference with her presence. On this, try and bring a smile to their face with a small gesture of appreciation with a gift. Whether she’s a fashionista or a passionate homemaker, choosing the right gift for your loved ones may not always be simple, which is why the E-gift cards from the Landmark group are a perfect choice. Every time you want to make them feel special, give them freedom of choice with these e-Gift Cards. The massive spike in e-commerce is the byproduct of the pandemic-induced lockdowns and staying-at-home, leading Qwikcilver to initiate a dialogue on an online-only variant Gift Cards with one of the largest players in the brick-and-mortar physical retail space, the Landmark Group. It is a matter of great joy to announce the launch of the online-specific variants of Gift Cards for Lifestyle , Max Fashion , and Home Centre from the Landmark Group! These Online e-Gift Cards will be sold through the brands’ channels and made available across all Qwikcilver powered distribution channels and third-party gift card stores. Qwikcilver has been powering the Gift Card and Promotional programs for these brands across their physical stores for several years, starting from 2012. The Landmark Online e-Gift Cards can be redeemed at the brand websites,, and, as well as their apps. The program follows a Closed Loop construct, and since the online entities for these brands are different from the one that runs their physical outlets, these cards cannot be redeemed at the physical stores. Qwik bit about the brand The Landmark Group began its journey in 1999 with the first Lifestyle store in Chennai. It has grown into one of India’s largest retail and hospitality conglomerates since then. Currently, the Group operates over 630 stores across 145 cities with over 9.4 million square feet of retail space. Founded in 1973 in Bahrain, Landmark Group has successfully grown into one of the largest retail organizations in the Middle East and India, with a growing presence in South East Asia. Currently, it operates over 2,100 outlets across 24 countries.

Malpe Fishes Gift Card Program

MAKE SEA-NTASTIC DISHES WITH MALPE FISHES! This may not be the time to take your loved ones out for some seafood. But what is lost in ambiance can be gained in comfort and convenience by having safe and socially distant seafood dinner at home. With the delightful membership offers from Malpe Fishes, get hooked to freshness with the best quality fish & seafood delivered to your doorstep. This fast-growing seafood chain in Karnataka is partnering with Qwikcilver for taking their Gift Card Program LIVE along with their membership and pre-paid wallet program. It is a closed-loop gift card program to manage their memberships through the prepaid wallet and also manages special additional discounts to their members. The program is also designed to scale to address future Loyalty requirements. Qwik bit about the Brand: MALPE FISHES - from Sea to Table! They catch and serve ‘Sea Divinity’ in Karnataka. Their fishing boats add a competitive edge to the market’s pricing. Their fishermen hook the best fish daily, and within hours, they set up to deliver it to your homes. They are known for delivering fish without preservatives and chemicals because nothing tastes as good as organic. Malpe Fishes focuses exclusively on being a quality seafood provider and handling a complete line of fresh and frozen items and 250+ tons every month with 60+ varieties. Along with fresh raw and dry seafood products, they also provide food service to their customers with marinated and cooked seafood dishes.

Aavishkar 2021

We celebrate our first-ever Tech Week! Aavishkar, the first-ever technology week at Qwikcilver, took place in the last week of February. It was a one-of-a-kind program for learning and sharing unique technology-related projects that the Qwikcilver teams are working on. It included discussions by industry experts and insights from Qwikcilver’s valuable customers, showcasing cutting-edge technology concepts and innovations, Market trends and Analysis, and some fun contests and games. Aavishkar was envisaged as a platform to appreciate the synergies & value that Qwikcilver and Pine Labs’ together bring to the customers with their basket of offerings. The variety of topics curated for Aavishkar made it very interesting for the participants. Over the week, the team was exposed to various ideas, solutions, and forward-looking technologies.

Qwikcilver Women's Day Campaign

We celebrate Women's Day! This year, the theme for International Women’s Day, “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world,” celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping an equal future by challenging the status quo. There is no limit to what today's women can accomplish; we at Qwikcilver witness it every day. Their effective and wholehearted participation in all spheres of life has been fueling a progressive world.
This year, we celebrated International Women's Day by showcasing the varied tasks our women employees accomplish effortlessly! Check out our blog to continue reading.

Woohoo News

For every gift, there is a Return Gift! With Woohoo, surprising your loved ones is even more rewarding now! Get Woohoo Coins on your Digital and Physical Gift Cards’ purchase across & Woohoo App.
Each Woohoo Coin is equal to Re.1. It’s like your own digital piggy bank; collect the Woohoo coins and use them on your next purchase! Earning the Woohoo coins will be conditional in nature and the redemption will depend on the brand on which the user wants to redeem them. To know more about the Woohoo Coins, click here. Gifting Aaj Kal!

Owing to Bollywood lovers, Woohoo had launched their Bollywood-themed Valentine’s Week Campaign last month. But we didn’t forget about the Happily Single Bollywood buffs.
When you got plenty of reasons to be #InLovewithSelf, why wait? Celebrate your singlehood any day, every day. Keep on gifting yourself the freedom of choice with a gift card from Woohoo and shower yourself with whatever your heart desires. Go Ahead, be known as the Gift Man or Self Gifter No. 1, and be your “Main Apni Favorite Gifter Hoon.”

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