June 2023

Qwikcilver February 2023 Newsletter
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Consumer Promotion Program
We are excited to announce the launch of an innovative rewards programme for a leading paints brand in India.

They are trusted name in the industry for over three decades, and we have built a reputation for excellence in developing the finest quality paints and coatings.

With this programme, we are taking our commitment to excellence to the next level. This programme is specifically designed to incentivize painters, who are often overlooked in the industry. Tokens are placed in paint or putty boxes, which painters can scan or give to a retailer or stockist to claim cash rewards.

The programme is tier-based, with four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Upgrades and downgrades happen monthly, based on the last six months of transactions. We use a complex logic to reward painters based on different token types, ensuring that everyone gets the rewards they deserve. Not only does the programme incentivize painters, but it also rewards retailers and stockists who facilitate the encashment process.

Our attention to customer satisfaction and willingness to go above and beyond for our clients has created a win-win situation for all stakeholders of this campaign.


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