June 2021


Joysome June

After the searing heat of the great Indian summer, June is here with the rains and so are new gift card avenues and partnerships.

With Father’s Day celebrated on June 20th, we saw customers thinking about how to celebrate the occasion and what to get their dads. And it opened up avenues for brands and businesses to introduce their brand gift cards to their customers. Many brands have promoted their gift cards as the perfect gift to give this Father’s Day. If you would like to hear new ideas for future promotions using Gift Cards, talk to us today.

Riding on the successful previous months, we have some more fabulous new initiatives and offers on Woohoo with great brands.

Here's a glimpse of what we’ve been up starting with our Whitepaper

Qwikcilver Annual Industry Whitepaper 2021.

Our 6th Edition of Qwikcilver Annual Industry Whitepaper 2021, Gift Cards and Beyond - The Digital Age, is one you won't want to miss!

As the Gift Card Industry revolutionaries in India, we bring you the annual Qwikcilver Gift Card Whitepaper, capturing the latest trends and insights from the Gift card industry and beyond.

In this edition of the white paper, we’ve compiled detailed insights on the pandemic impact on business and consumers and large-scale digitization. Read more in our Whitepaper.

Father’s Day 2021

This Father’s Day, gift cards did the talking.

Fatherhood and paternal bonds are the most wonderful thing one can experience. They might not say it out loud, but our fathers love being pampered too, and what better day to show some more love on Father's Day?

The gifting landscape has evolved over the years. Simplicity and ease of gifting have taken precedence over price. With the changing times, the preferences of people have changed, and they are keener on exploring new online gifting solutions. Gift cards have become a popular choice among shoppers because they allow the receivers to buy whatever they like, not leaving any room for worrying about choosing the right present. No one can go wrong with gift cards and we saw consumers pick up gift cards this father's day.
Even brands like Lifestyle had planned for this Father’s Day? Hint- The joy of choice and the perfect gift for Father's Day from Lifestyle!

If you would like to hear new ideas for future promotions using Gift Cards, talk to us today.

New Launches

Roundglass Health And Wellness Membership Program

Nurture all-round mental health and wellness with Roundglass Membership! Healthcare emergencies boomeranged this year, and while we take on the overwhelming challenges thrown at us during this phase, are we really looking after ourselves well? Social distancing is vital to reduce the spread of COVID-19, but it can make us feel isolated, lonely, and stressed. Stress can rewire the brain, leaving individuals more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. As part of RoundGlass's Wholistic Wellbeing initiative, get the help to create and maintain a positive outlook and an improved quality of life. Having a healthy body and mind propels good energy all around. Start your Wholistic Wellness journey today by getting the first-of-its-kind health and wellness membership Prepaid Card from RoundGlass, now live on the Qwikcilver Platform. Let the power of meditation & mindfulness help you achieve a healthier, happier you! QwikBit About the Brand: RoundGlass aims to revolutionize people’s holistic wellbeing through a combination of technology, world-class expert-driven content, and immersive experiences. They are committed to expanding wellbeing opportunities to everyone in every stage of their life's journey. RoundGlass Reach, their digital holistic wellbeing app, helps users improve their wellbeing with useful, expert-driven content, personalized one-on-one coaching programs, and health tools and trackers.

Floating Canvas Company Gift Card program

Let curated art brighten up those vanilla spaces with a Floating Canvas Company gift card. Hey, all you art lovers out there! Here’s something to elevate your homes, offices, and personal spaces. Bring home hand-picked and curated art by exciting contemporary artists! India's first art-on-subscription service at scale by Floating Canvas Company, an art and design-based startup that offers solutions in interior decor spaces, public art, and street furniture for art lovers. They offer curated digital art, photographs, limited edition prints, paintings, and mixed media art by contemporary artists. Floating Canvas Company Gift Cards, powered by Qwikcilver, are ideal for festivals and celebrations, occasions like weddings, house warming, and even corporate gifting. Qwikcilver has launched this gift card program with a digital variant and is redeemable on their website. Now find curated art for every space, every vibe, every mood. QwikBit About the Brand: Be it launching an art-on-subscription service for promoting and supporting emerging artists or covering the walls of an Anganwadi in rural Maharashtra with inspiring murals, Floating Canvas Company is always working on ways to put more art out there. From new-age offices to public promenades, from gourmet restaurants to primary schools: everywhere, they are filling the blank canvases. And with the right vision and the right artists, every blank canvas is just a stunning work of art in waiting.

Environics Gift Card Program

Environics: A gift card that cares The best way to express your affection to someone is to give them a thoughtfully adorable gift. The Environics e-Gift Card, powered by Qwikcilver is just the card that cares. A gift that provides complete protection from the health issues caused by electromagnetic radiation emitted by wireless communication devices. In times of Covid-19, when we are working online from home and kids are taking online classes, we do get exposed to the harmful effects of radiation. Environics brings you proprietary radiation protection technology that’s been perfected over decades to ensure that you lead happier & fuller lives, free from the dangers of e-pollution. Qwikcilver launched the gift card program with a digital variant, redeemable on the Environics website. QwikBit About the Brand Syenergy Environics Ltd., since its inception in 2007 is working in the field of radiation protection enhancing wellness. They are constantly engaged in developing indigenous technologies to negate the harmful effects of natural (Geopathic Stress) and artificial (Electromagnetic) radiation without absorbing, stopping, or deflecting it. They are in the process of integrating technology into various portable product forms – Envirochip is device-specific while Enviroglobe is for protection against the impact of radiation from sources that are beyond our control like mobile towers, high tension power lines, and server rooms. Their radiation protection technology has been internationally tested and certified by various scientific & medical institutes Max Healthcare in India, Singapore Green building Council & DB Technology (Cambridge) Ltd. of U.K. The results have been published in MIT’s Technology Review and Journal of Biomedical Science & Engineering, USA.

Gift Card Store Launch- Cheggout

Cheggout the new Gift Card Store launched by Qwikcilver! Gift Cards are everywhere! The growing admiration of gift cards comes as no surprise. Cheggout is the latest business to jump on the gift card bandwagon. Cheggout has launched Gift card stores, powered by Qwikcilver on bank platforms of ● Punjab & Sindh Bank (Web) ● Bank of Maharashtra (Web) ● Bank of Maharashtra (App) and is expected to launch another store on Bank of Baroda (App) in the Month of June’21. They are set out to launch the Gift Card store on other Banks' platforms as well. QwikBit About the Brands Cheggout is a one-stop shopping destination providing the best deals to customers from e-commerce players such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other reputed stores. It returns fast and real-time results that allow the consumer to select the best deal without spending hours researching online. Cheggout helps banks drive new revenue, increase card spend, and boost customer engagement. Cheggout provides customers the feature to compare products from all the e-commerce players and choose the best price and shop. They not only aim towards saving money but also save time. Cheggout is loaded with the best offers, deals, coupon codes, and promos!

Woohoo News

Now enjoy the ease of online gifting with "Buy Now, Pay Later" on e-Gift Cards. Woohoo’s industry-first initiative received a ton of press attention for launching an exciting new way to gift online with 'No-Cost EMI' on e-Gift Cards. Check out Woohoo.in, choose the E-Gift Card you want to gift, select EMI at the checkout, and go for the credit card or debit card option best suited for you. Read more about the initiative on Outlook Money, Yahoo Finance, Var India, iT Voice, Online and You, and Mumbai News Network. Consumers Celebrated Father’s Day with Woohoo. No more bad gifts for Dad! Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to say a big thank you to the dads who make life’s everyday moments special for us, from fathers to grandfathers, fathers-in-laws to fatherly figures. But where do we begin? Getting a gift on Father’s Day can be one of the most challenging gift shopping experiences of the year—especially when you find yourself saying, “What can I get him? He already has everything!” Consumers chose gift card to be the perfect option. With a special Father’s Day gift card, consumers gifted an endless choice to buy what father truly desires. Enjoy Friends: Reunion with the Zee5 Gift Card Witness this once-in-a-lifetime moment with the rest of the world, give a Zee5 Gift Card to your friends and enjoy F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Reunion Special with them. It’ll be as if someone just gave a warm hug And said, ‘I’ll be There For You’. Could it be any more emotional? Wow Gifting Begins Now! Our loved ones deserve more than any run-of-the-mill gifts! Woohoo is here with gifts that "fit" perfectly and will make your special ones go wow! Being a gifter just got a lot easier with this amazing curation of the most ideal gifts that will make people perceive you as the most thoughtful person ever. Go ahead, discover the Wow gifts for everyone on your list, be it your foodie friend, a passionate lover, or your adorable mother. All you do, be full of love this gifting season. For More Exciting Offers on Gift Cards. Click Here

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