July 2023

Qwikcilver February 2023 Newsletter
The newest Qwikcilver newsletter has arrived, containing some exciting updates that will interest you. It includes information on the latest program launches, along with insights on consumer trends sourced from the experts at woohoo.in. We also bring to you an exciting platform that could benefit you & your teams! Jump right in to know more.



Consumer Promotion Program
We are excited to announce that we have gone live with a consumer promotion for a leading chocolate brand. They are the world's leading manufacturer of chocolate, confectionery & other food products.

To participate in the promotion, customers must purchase a chocolate bar, which has a unique code printed on the wrapper. Customers can send an SMS, with the code, to a number to participate. Alternatively, they can log on to campaign's page and enter the unique code.

After entering the code, customers will have to enter their mobile number to receive a verification code (OTP) for validation. They will also need to provide some details like name, city etc. The webpage will display the amount won by the customer, and they can choose between UPI and NEFT to receive their cashback.

We believe that our client will benefit from this campaign, and we are committed to helping them achieve their business objectives.


Consumer Promotion Program
We are proud to announce the launch of a new program for world's leading chemical company, to incentivize farmers to purchase their products. The program, which is live now, allows farmers to earn points by scanning the products through their app.

While the company's portfolio is organized into several segments, the agriculture focused business includes products for crop protection like insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators.

Once farmers earn points by scanning products, they can create an account and load their points through the customer management API. Users can then log in to the microsite using their mobile number and OTP to redeem their points against DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)

This program is a win-win for both the company and farmers. Farmers are incentivized to purchase products, which can help improve their crop yields and protect their crops against pests and diseases. At the same time, the company can increase its sales and market share.

Overall, this program is a great example of how companies can use technology and incentives to engage with their customers and drive sales.


Consumer Promotion Program
We have recently launched a channel partner program for retailers of a leading pharma brand, allowing them to accumulate points by purchasing stock from registered distributors which can then be redeemed on the microsite. This program is exclusively for retailers who can now enjoy added benefits for their purchases.

The brand has been present in the Indian pharma market for over six decades. The launch of this program is a testament to the company's commitment to providing added value to its partners.

The process of earning and redeeming points is simple. The brand sends us a list of retailers with their corresponding points. Accounts are then created for these retailers, and points are loaded through a parser. Retailers can log in to the microsite using their mobile number and OTP. The retailer can then redeem points against the brand vouchers enabled on the microsite.

This program is a great opportunity for retailers to earn rewards for their purchases and strengthen their partnership with the brand. The company's commitment to providing added value to its customers is commendable and this program is just one of the many ways they are doing so.


Consumer Promotion Program
We are excited to announce that Qwikcilver has gone live with a consumer campaign for a leading bakery brand. Read on for more details about the campaign.

The core objective of the campaign is to increase the offtake of their products & incentivize consumers.

To participate in the campaign, consumers must buy the promo pack from the store near them. Consumers then must send an SMS with the Product name and the Lot no. to a specified number. If the SMS format and Lot no. are correct, the consumer will receive a participation confirmation communication SMS.

A randomizer specifically developed for the campaign, is set to select 1 winner every minute and 1 winner every hour. Every minute's winner and hour's winner will receive a link and the reward code via SMS.

Winners have to visit the campaign link and enter the reward code, mobile number, city of participation & PIN code. Post validation of the reward code, mobile number & OTP, users can select the mode of cashback of their choice. The ‘every minute’ winner will be eligible for Rs 50 cashback from Amazon, Phonepe, Paytm, UPI or NEFT.

We are thrilled to execute this exciting campaign one of India's leading premium bakery brand. This is an opportunity for the brand to connect with the customers and offer them a platform where they can win exciting prizes on every purchase. We are confident that this campaign will enable us to build brand loyalty among consumers and give them an opportunity to experience the best of what the brand has to offer.


Consumer Promotion Program
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