July 2021


Jubilant July

As summer fades, the season of end-of-season sales is here—what better way to thank customers and make a fresh start. Mingled with magical rainy spells, here we are with more developments from the World of Gifting. We’ve been busy laying out our future-proof and easy-to-launch solutions tailored to suit the small, medium, and large scale enterprises and launching new brand gift card programs that'll please the traveler, the homemaker, or just about anyone on your gifting list! Adding to the buoyant spirit, we have fabulous new offers on Woohoo with great brands.
The most awaited virtual event of the year is here – The 4th edition of Qwikcilver Gift Card Conclave! This will be a one-of-a-kind Gift Card eConclave that brings together Industry Experts, Brands, and Corporate giants from across the globe to share their insights on the world of payments, gifting, and beyond. Stay tuned for more details on this innovative, informative, and interactive experience powered by Qwikcilver.

New Launches

Swiss Military Gift Card Program

Fulfill your wanderlust with the Swiss Military gift cards. Are you craving a laid-back and relaxing weekend getaway? Don’t let the travel restrictions hamper your plans. Plan a quick getaway with your bae or a chilled night out with friends with all the essentials packed into a backpack! We've got an affordable yet luxurious fix for you! Grab the right gear with the Swiss Military Gift Card, now live on Qwikcilver, and set the mood right. Swiss Military Gift Cards are applicable and redeemable on all the products sitewide. With the launch of the Swiss Military Gift Card, the Qwikcilver Platform got integrated with WooCommerce for the first time. Qwikcilver’s Product Suite consists of an umbrella of products that communicate seamlessly with each other and the retailer for dedicated resources or in need of expertise. Qwikcliver's API Suite enables over a million stores (offline and online) to integrate the gift card program into their existing transaction systems. QwikBit About the Brand: Swiss Military is a medium to connect customers to the world of Premium Lifestyle Products bearing the highest quality standards at surprisingly affordable prices. They call it "Affordable Luxury"! Affordability is key for which extensive research is conducted into the material used, design adapted, and functionality at hand. The combination of a great product ensures a fulfilled and happy customer base, which is why the Swiss Military is presently one of the fastest-growing brands globally.

Category Best Practices

Promotions using Gift Cards

Gift cards continue to remain immensely popular with consumers. In fact, demand for digital gift cards spiked during the pandemic, as consumers sought out convenient, easy, and safe ways to share gifts with their friends and families, even if they weren't getting together in person. This trend isn't expected to end with the pandemic, as consumers continue to find convenience in their shopping experiences. Two of the interesting gift card trends to emerge are - merchants' business-to-business (B2B) gift card programs and their use of gift cards as a promotional tool to drive consumer behavior and/or action.

Following the trend, Xiaomi announced the launch of the “Ultra Gift Card.” With the purchase of this card, Mi Super-fans will get a “guaranteed access” to the limited-quantity sale of Mi 11 Ultra at just Rs. 1,999. Customers buying this gift card will also get two free screen replacements worth Rs. 4,099, an Ultra merchandise Superfan box, Times Prime annual membership worth Rs. 999, and an additional Mi 11 Ultra F-Code for sharing. Qwikcilver worked closely with the Xiaomi marketing team and launched Ultra Gift Card, an additional marketing campaign initiative that Xiaomi is implementing to coincide with their product launch to increase gift card adaptability. The brand has witnessed a rise in the organic sale of gift cards over the past two months. Gift card promotions can be beneficial for driving sales, customer loyalty, brand awareness, and engaging new markets. According to an analysis from Blackhawk Network, brands failing to run gift card promotions miss out on an average of 37 percent of annual revenue.

Corporate Reward Programs

FMCG Consumer Promotions Program

Coffee with a spin to win. One of the world’s most loved coffee brands, our client launched a Consumer Promotions Campaign for the consumers purchasing the product - a packaged cold beverage worth Rs 35. Each SKU had a code imprinted on it. This code was printed on over 1.5 million packs which also carried communication regarding the offer. The program is conducted & entirely managed by Qwikcilver Solutions. The Campaign Structure ● The consumer buys the SKU, and each SKU has a code imprinted on it. ● They SMS the code to the number mentioned on the Pack. This number is managed by Qwikcilver. ● Upon receipt of the SMS, the consumer receives a link for the campaign page that has a 'Spin the Wheel' contest. ● By spinning the wheel, the consumer stands a chance to win Amazon Pay codes of various denominations (redeemable on Amazon India) or an Instax Camera, or a JBL Flip Bluetooth Speaker. The program is seeing immense traction and is being smoothly managed by Qwikcilver Solutions from end to end. If you are interested to know more about such programs for your brands, please reach out to us.

FMCG Channel Loyalty and Sales Incentive Program

A sweet treat of rewards and incentives! Our Client, a Major Global Confectioner, initiated a combined Channel loyalty & Sales Incentive program for their Wholesaler, Sub stockist & their in house Sales team respectively. This program was launched on three different portals. The user can log in to the portals and access their reward earnings. They get a chance to choose from a reward catalog that has more than 50 most loved reward brands across the online & offline worlds. Currently more than 15,000 channel partners from all over the country are a part of this program and it is being rolled out to the rest. The program is conducted & managed by Qwikcilver Solutions. With a high redemption rate, this program is gaining appreciation from both channel partners as well as employees. If you are interested to know more about such programs for your brands, please reach out to us.

Woohoo News

Redeem Woohoo Coins on Amazon Pay! Surprising your loved ones is even more rewarding when the Woohoo Coins you received on your E-gift Card can now be redeemed on your favorite Amazon pay E-gift card. Woohoo Coins redemption on the most popular Amazon Gift Card has undoubtedly been a great swing for the adoption of Woohoo Coins and a treat for Woohoo customers. Woohoo Coins can now cover 2% of your total purchase value. So go ahead and fulfill your Amazon wishlist with your Amazon E-Gift Card. A lot more Play. All on your Android. With the relaunch of Free Fire Rampage 1.0 and 2.0, Rampage 3.0 combined all the stories, deepened the Free Fire core theme, and brought new experiences. As a part of Rampage 2021, Free Fire provided exciting offers on Woohoo, which is unquestionably a bliss for all Rampage Patrons. All the gamers out there, what are you waiting for? Grab the offer now.

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