January 2017

Brand Factory
Brand Factory, a Future Group concept, is India’s leading chain of fashion discount stores that promises consumers a revolutionary discount shopping experience. Brand Factory offers more than 200 Indian and International brands at 20%-70% discount, 365 days a year. At Qwikcilver, we are excited to launch the Brand Factory Gift Vouchers -powered by Qwikcilver. With Huge Discounts, Multiple choices and round the year acceptance, The Brand Factory gift voucher seems just the recipe for a happy and value laden shopping experience.
The Brand Factory gift vouchers can be bought through www.futurebazaar.woohoo.in as well as their retail outlets.
Home Town
A unique home improvement retail format in India, Home Town is a one stop destination for complete homemaking solutions. It provides consumers, all that goes into building a house and everything to make it a Home, all under one roof. This housewarming season gift your friends and loved ones the option to choose from a variety of home furnishings and interior decoration from Home Town. Home Town gift vouchers-powered by Qwikcilver- allows them to select from a wide range of home furnishings at never before prices and can be purchased from www.futurebazaar.woohoo.in as well as their retail outlets
Qwikcilver wallet works like a container to hold currencies. offers/promotions, wallet services for the end consumer. The wallet is a reloadable instrument that works on the specification of merchant. The wallet can hold Gift Cards/E-Gift Cards, Promotional Vouchers/ Coupons, Refunds, Loyalty, Customer credits and Pre-Paid Money. The best feature of the Wallet is, it can be accessed on Web, Mobile and even Stores. The Wallet offers benefits to customers by way of Single Sign on – Merchant account login can be mapped to Qwikcilver wallet, reducing the need to remember multiple passwords, Multi Tendering – In case of insufficient wallet balance, partial amount can be paid through other payment options, Ease of redemption – Qwikcilver system provides a robust and simple redemption process and to brands by Logic Handling – Different components within wallet can be handled in a different way. For e.g. promotional values can be redeemed first and the balance later, Easy refund – Any amount[partial/full] can be refunded in a swift way Simple API’s – Simple set of API’s to make the integration process easy and quick.
Qwikcilver has enabled various third-party resellers and aggregators in the market with real-time activation facilities. This helps brands increase proliferation of brand Gift Cards in the market, resulting in better offtakes, Brand Gift Cards reach a wider audience through a widened distribution network and importantly help create strong controls to limit activation rights and “Single Point Settlement” for any particular reseller through a secure Qwikcilver API controlled credit limit Program.
The Brand Factory gift vouchers can be bought through www.futurebazaar.woohoo.in as well as their retail outlets.
Consumers are often riddled with Gift Cards they do not need or like and most such cards go unutilized. Qwikcilver has launched a Secondary market platform to help customers sell their unutilized/unwanted Gift Cards for Cash. This helps remove any barriers consumers may have towards a wider adoption of Gift Cards; opens up greater possibilities and occasions. Some of the major benefits to brand includes
· Greater adoption of Gift Cards resulting in greater sales (and pre-paid float)
· Increased utilization of Gift Cards among `recipients of Gift Cards
· Increased utilization = greater Sales Uplift
· Increased conversion of various non-brand currencies (such as PayBack points, Reward points etc.) to Gift Cards”
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