February 2023

Qwikcilver February 2023 Newsletter
February, the month of love and happiness! As a brand, business, and category whose bedrock is the emotion of happiness and love, this month is indeed very special to us. And this month we play cupid for our clients who want to engage with their stakeholders – be it customers, dealers, or employees. From Kitchen Appliances to Video Games, Qwikcilver plays cupid for all business with equal aplomb. This is enabled by our relentless pursuit of future ready technologies in this category driven solely by the trust placed in us by Global Brands and Businesses.

New Corporate Reward Programs

Using promotions to drive sales is a well known and proven strategy used by virtually every brand across the world. These consumer promotion programs present themselves with various challenges starting from logistics to program management. Apart from these quantifiable problems there also exists the key issue of the type of consumer rewards – one that excites and lures the customer and is not seen as a cliched idea. The use of Digital Gift Cards and Cashbacks solves these problems in one single swipe – going digital means that the logistical problem ceases to exist – and the choice of the rewards now lies effectively in the hands of the end customer.

Breezy Rewards

Consumer Promotion Program One of India’s oldest and leading Appliances manufacturer wanted to increase the sales and drive consumer attention to one specific SKU in their portfolio – Kitchen Appliances. Upon purchase of these specific SKUs the customer is eligible for A Pine Perks Rupay Digital Card. Enrollment Process
  1. The Customer purchases the Appliance and raises an installation request.
  2. Using the registered mobile number customers sends an SMS to get unique code and redemption link.
  3. Post installation, armed with the installation copy, enters all purchase details in the link.
  4. The details are validated and the eligible winners are chosen
  5. The winner receives the digital gift cards to their email ID and mobile number.
The unique aspect of this program is the highly customised reward that sees the winners get 6 Digital Gift Cards which are then eligible to be redeemed between the 11th and 20th of the subsequent month. Talk to us today to for a consumer promotion program for your brand.

A Tea Party

Dealer Rewards Program Here is a program to sweeten the tea. One of India’s oldest and largest Tea brands ran a Consumer Promotions program powered by Qwikcilver for their users. Reflecting on their wide and varied user base, this program was also available for the user in Hindi. Enrollment Process
  1. The Customer purchases the promotional pack and sends an SMS to get the link.
  2. Customer enters their details and the unique code on the pack.
  3. If eligible for a reward the user gets their winning message upon entering the details.
  4. The customer is also eligible for a lucky draw wherein they might win motorcyles or even a SUV
  5. Qwikcilver manages the entire program for the client here.
Talk to us today to for a uniqe Consumer Promotions program for your brand.

A new Window of Opportunity and Rewards

Dealer Sales Incentive Program Every Dealer promotion is a new window of opportunity, pun intended. Our client, the most well-known name in Window Solutions reached out to us to power their dealer sales incentive program. This program sees the client's dealer enrol themselves through their mobile number on a dedicate microsite. Once enrolled the dealers can then log in to the same microsite using their mobile number to check their progress and the points they have accumulated. The entire redemption process is also encapsulated on the same site wherein the dealers have a wide variety of reward options to be redeemed. Want to run a Dealer or Sales Incentive Program for your brand? Talk to us today

New Gift Card Programs

Cleartrip SCLP Gift Cards

Harvey-Norman Qwikcilver is excited to announce the launch of our Cleartrip Semi Closed Loop Gift Cards. These gift cards can be used for refunds. Cleartrip Gift Cards are a perfect gift for those who want to ensure their recipient receives a gift that is most satisfying. The Cleartrip Gift Card now makes it possible for the brand to engage with their customers and retain them even when they must issue refunds. The Gift Card thus becomes a tool for Customer Acquisition as well as Customer Retention. This solution is integrated with the comprehensive Gift Card Solution platform from Qwikcilver. QwikBit about the brand Launched in July 2006, Cleartrip is a leading mobile and online travel-cum-leisure company. With over 7 million flight tickets and 1.5 million hotel room nights sold annually through its platform, Cleartrip has established its leadership position in the highly competitive markets of India and the Middle East. Headquartered in Mumbai, Cleartrip also has offices in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, and Dubai

Moonfrog Gaming Gift Cards

Singlife with Aviva Gift Card Store Qwikcilver Solutions is thrilled to launch the new Moonfrog Gaming Gift Cards. These gift cards are perfect for anyone who loves to play video games. With a variety of games available, Moonfrog Gaming Gift Cards will give you the ability to purchase games and gift them to friends and family. Whether you're a new player or an experienced gamer, these gift cards will make playing games a fun and easy experience. Qwikbit about the brand Moonfrog was founded in late 2013 by a team of industry veterans with the mission of making mobile gaming inclusive in India. With successful games like Ludo Club, Jalebi, and Teen Patti Gold, Moonfrog has learned not only to breathe life into evergreen family games, but also continues to pioneer in the development of new mobile games, like Baahubali and Kalyug. Our unique and powerful engineering and product capabilities ensure that subscribers to our games receive a delightful and superior gaming experience

Woohoo News

The first month of the year saw some great contests and offers on Woohoo including the Woohoo Grand Giveaway! Check for more great Woohoo offers here Woohoo Grand Giveaway Woohoo Republic Day Offers