December 2023

Qwikcilver December 2023 Newsletter

The advent of December marks a season of holidays, vibrant festivities, and jubilant cheer all around the world. It's that enchanting period of the year where life appears to be wrapped in a magical spell, and dreams seem within reach.

In this joyful spirit, we're elated to showcase an array of exceptional national and international brands unveiling their gift card initiatives, accompanied by details into our successful reward programs. Read on to know more.

In the midst of these celebrations, we would also like to extend our heartfelt gratitude & wishes for an unforgettable festive season. May you have a merry Christmas and an extraordinary New Year to follow!




GC Computers, Malaysia in partnership with Qwikcilver brings yet another customer-centric innovation by introducing a Gift Card program for their brand Switch, a popular retail destination for technology products.

Customers can purchase the Switch Gift cards at over 250 Switch and Urban Republic stores across Malaysia. An exciting feature of this program is the flexibility it offers – there are no fixed denominations for the gift cards. Customers have the liberty to choose the value of their gift cards tailored to their specific needs.

The gift cards can be redeemed at any of the numerous Switch and Urban Republic stores operating in Malaysia. This provides convenience for end-users, opening a world of technology products and services available in these stores.

Qwikcilver's latest venture into the Malaysian market with GC Computers reflects their ongoing commitment to expanding its customer engagement solutions on a global scale. The initiative is set to enrich the shopping experience for users, adding a new layer of flexibility and convenience.

Qwikbit about the brand

CG Computers is the largest IT Retailer in Malaysia.

From one store in a corner of Penang, their brand Switch began their journey. They saw the good that Apple products could bring and enrich people’s lives and made it their mission to make technology accessible for all. Today, they have over 100 outlets across Malaysia, serving customers from all walks of life.

CG Computer’s other flagship brand - Urban Republic’s journey began in 1995 with a small group of friends, with a big goal to share the wonders and capabilities of every brand product to the people. With that, the first Urban retail store was born in Penang. Great as it was, they had a larger mission in mind – to make Apple products accessible in every corner of the nation. Urban Republic is here to empower you with the latest mobile phones, audio gadgets and accessories across over 150++ stores in Malaysia.



Titan, for its Encircle program, has partnered with Qwikcilver to launch a new e-gift card initiative that will benefit members of the Titan program and give them another way to easily buy and gift the gift cards.

The decision to launch a gift card program is a strategic move to expand reach and offer added convenience to its loyal members. It is designed as a phased rollout, with the first phase allowing the card to be utilised across an array of brands, including Titan World, Fastrack, Helios, Titan Eye Plus, and Taneira.

The second phase promises to bring even more convenience to members, with plans to extend acceptance of the card to Tanishq - one of India's top jewellery retailers.

The Titan Encircle E-Gift Card can be purchased directly from the brand's website. Shop for their Gift Cards here

This new E-Gift Card program is a testament to Titan's drive to adapt to evolving market trends and deliver impressive customer experiences.

Qwikbit about the brand

Titan is India's leading lifestyle company and among the most admired and respected corporates in the country. They have established leading positions in the Jewellery, Watches and Eye Care categories led by their trusted brands and superior customer experience. Titan has also diversified into Wearables, Indian Dress Wear and Fragrances & Fashion Accessories and are driving differentiation in these lifestyle categories, underpinned by their deep understanding of customer preferences.



In line with our commitment to innovating customer experiences, we are pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Ace Turtle. We have launched a new gift card program for Wrangler, the prominent denim and casual wear fashion retailer.

Our Phase 1 implementation involves enabling the distribution of Wrangler Gift Cards across Qwikcilver's widespread channels. To optimize the redemption process, we have successfully incorporated a wallet solution at the point of sale.

Customers can buy these e-gift cards through Qwikcilver's distribution channels, available in amounts ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. With a validity of one year, these gift cards provide the ideal, flexible solution for gifting and personal shopping alike. Notably, these gift cards are redeemable at Wrangler outlets across India.

This partnership signifies a key milestone in bridging tech-driven solutions with retail experiences, as we continue to provide personalized and convenient solutions for our partners and end consumers. Together with Ace Turtle and Wrangler, we're propelling retail into the future.

Qwikbit about the brand

The Wrangler brand is an American icon that celebrates the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognise courageous individuality. Wrangler has represented genuine style and comfort since it first started making jeans in 1947. Rooted in the American West, the brand blends a rich legacy with a commitment to unmatched quality and timeless design. Wrangler’s innovative collections look and feel great – making consumers ready for life, every day. In 2021, ace turtle acquired the exclusive long-term licensing rights for Wrangler in India.



Qwikcilver takes another leap forward in customer engagement with the introduction of a new Gift Card program for Mia, a celebrated Tanishq brand. This development reiterates Qwikcilver's mission to cultivate customer loyalty while propelling retail experiences into the future.

These much-anticipated gift cards can be purchased at their stores and will soon be accessible on Qwikcilver's extensive distribution network. Catering to a diverse range of customers, the gift cards are available in amounts from as low as Rs 500 to as high as Rs 1,99,999, designed to suit various budgets.

Ensuring a convenient shopping experience for end-users, these cards come with a six-month validity period. In an exclusive introductory offer, customers who register online can avail an enticing Rs. 500 off on their first purchase.

These cards can be seamlessly redeemed at

This new program not only exemplifies Qwikcilver's unwavering commitment to enhancing customer experiences but also marks another significant step towards Qwikcilver’s vision of integrating technology-driven solutions with retail experiences.

Qwikbit about the brand

Mia by Tanishq is an alluring range of fine jewellery for the self-expressive people of today. Born with the heritage and legacy of Tanishq, Mia is a brand of bold, modern, and chic jewellery. For the young, the young at heart, and the stylish, Mia crafts gold and diamond jewellery in designs that are unique, minimal, and extremely versatile. Featuring a wide range, the collections from Mia are designed to effortlessly accessorize you for every moment and every occasion. Crafted in 18kt and 14kt gold, Mia’s diamond jewellery range has over 2000 designs starting at Rs. 4999/-. Mia is a network of 150 standalone stores and is present in leading Tanishq stores across the country.



Qwikcilver's journey of innovation continues as our business relationship with Ace Turtle embarks on another exciting journey. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Gift Card program expressly for Lee, the renowned jeans and casual wear fashion brand.

The initial phase of this partnership has led us to roll out the distribution of Lee Gift Cards across Qwikcilver's extensive channels, ensuring their easy accessibility for customers across India. We believe that implementation of a wallet at the point of sale will make it easier for customers to redeem their gift cards.

Customers can get hold of these exciting e-gift cards through Qwikcilver's distribution channels, with denominations ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. These gift cards come with a generous validity period of one year and can be seamlessly redeemed at Lee stores all over the country.

This second collaboration with Ace Turtle exemplifies Qwikcilver's ongoing commitment to deliver unsurpassed customer experiences and pioneer technological advancements in the retail sector.

Qwikbit about the brand

Lee is an iconic American denim and casual lifestyle apparel brand founded by H.D. Lee. Backed by over 130 years of purposeful design and craftsmanship, the brand inspires people to stand tall and live confidently. Lee’s collections include a range of styles. Lee’s movement-inspired innovations, versatile styling and superior fit continue to inspire generations of brand loyalists. Ace Turtle acquired the exclusive long-term licensing rights for this much-loved brand in India in 2021.



Qwikcilver takes a stride in customer-centric innovation with the launch of a Gift Card program for Borosil. This initiative blends Qwikcilver's expertise in gift card solutions with Borosil's distinguished status in consumer household goods.

These much-anticipated gift cards can be purchased at their stores and will soon be accessible on Qwikcilver's extensive distribution network. Catering to a diverse range of customers, the gift cards are available in amounts from as low as Rs 500 to as high as Rs 1,99,999, designed to suit various budgets.

Ensuring a convenient shopping experience for end-users, these cards come with a six-month validity period. In an exclusive introductory offer, customers who register online can avail an enticing Rs. 500 off on their first purchase.

The gift cards are available at Borosil's e-commerce portal and will soon be rolled out across Qwikcilver’s expansive distribution network. The gift cards carry denominations ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs.10,000, providing businesses with ample flexibility in their gifting programs.

Adding sparkle to the launch, Borosil has introduced an offer where a purchase of Rs.5,000 gifts the buyer 10gm silver. However, the company retains the right to modify this offer based on festivities or occasions.

The gift cards bear an impressive validity of one year, and the redemption procedure is trouble-free on their website.

This partnership underpins Qwikcilver's commitment to providing bespoke, technology-driven solutions that heighten customer and user experiences, whether B2B or B2C. Businesses can now anticipate a fuss-free and rewarding way to connect with clients, employees, and partners.

Qwikbit about the brand

Borosil is India's most trusted glassware brand since 1962, started as the ''Industrial & Engineering Apparatus Company Pvt Ltd'' founded by Dr. Lele. Synonymous with heatproof glassware, it is the market leader for consumer glassware in India. The company has always had a lofty vision of being an internationally recognized scientific glass producer. Many things have changed since then - however, our core remains the same - to provide worldwide customers with solutions that improve their lives. Today, they function under two listed companies - Borosil Ltd, which consists of consumer products and life sciences division, and Borosil Renewables Ltd., which manufactures and sells solar glass. Borosil enjoys the patronage of millions of customers across India and the globe.



Consumer Campaign

We, at Qwikcilver take pride in continually pushing boundaries to unlock unprecedented value for our partners. Our recent collaboration with a leading cycle manufacturer in India is a testament to this promise.

CHarnessing the festive energy of Diwali, we executed a wildly successful customer promotion program aimed at boosting cycle purchases. The initiative was not just a sales incentive but a reimagined engagement platform leveraging modern technology.

Customers at retail outlets made cycle purchases and then unleashed a world of attractive rewards by either scanning a QR code or by making a simple missed call that would subsequently return the microsite link via SMS. Upon entering the required details, a voucher bundle, suited to the respective cycle model, was revealed for immediate redemption.

But there's more. The simple act of submission also entered the customer into an enticing lucky draw, with the chance to win gift vouchers from big-name brands such as Tanishq, Croma, and Amazon.

This quintessentially innovative campaign transcended traditional boundaries, redefining the customer experience, and delivering on our promise to our partners. Welcome to the Qwikcilver way of doing things—where innovation drives customer engagement and, ultimately, business success.


incentive program

At Qwikcilver, we understand the power of incentives—and the potential they hold as catalysts of sales growth. Demonstrating our proficiency in creating bespoke incentives program, we successfully executed a customized campaign for a top incense sticks manufacturer in India (excluding Tamil Nadu).

Structured around an intuitive 'scratch & win' model, our program delivered instant gratification to the brand's key players - the retailers and wholesalers. The process was refreshingly simple. The users received a scratch card upon purchasing incense sticks. A swift scan of the QR Code transported them to our carefully developed microsite, where they registered and validated the unique code unearthed from the scratch card.

As a reward for their efforts, they received an assured cashback of Rs. 10, 50 or 100, claimable via top payment channels like Amazon Pay EGV, PhonePe, or UPI. That's not all. These cashback winners were automatically entered into an exciting lucky draw where they stood the chance to win a Tanishq E-voucher worth Rs 1000.

By executing this intricate strategy, we successfully bedazzled user engagement, led to an increase in sales and fortified the brand's relationship with its retailers and wholesalers. Pushing boundaries and experimenting with technology - that's the Qwikcilver's success mantra.


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