August 2019

From Conclave to Carnival.
Remember the carnival you went to? A dreamy riot of colors, merrymaking, entertainment, and harmony. Where the old and young come together, laughing, frolicking, not a dull moment to spare, exploring the wondrous delights. Welcome to The Gifting Carnival. Put simply, the Carnival is our commitment to grow Gift Card as a viable festive gifting alternative.
What is it?
A gifting platform, where we bring all the brands and their exclusive Gift Card offers. It will be a one-stop-shop for brands and consumers to engage, interact and transact.

When is it happening?
From Aug 8, 2019 to Aug 18th, 2019.

What is the next step?
Keep your gift cards ready. Let’s gear up!

How should you participate in it?
  1. Brands can provide festival-specific gift card offers. In the absence of exclusive offers, brands can promote their existing gift cards.
  2. The platform may provide additional benefits to customers via payment partners/gateways.

For more information on the The Gifting Carnival, here>>

Qwikcilver Knowledge Hub

Meanwhile, business as (more than) usual.
Over the past couple of months, we have created and curated ‘informights’ (insights sifted out of information) from, among other sources, #QCGC19, product launches, blog posts, case-studies. But just like these sources, the ‘informights’ had remained spread out, until now. We have brought all of them together, under one roof, for your convenience. Launching the Qwikcilver Knowledge Hub. Just filter,click and consume.
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Know Your Gift Cards.
This month we will focus on the 5 ways to build customer loyalty.
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Amazing August!

Amazing August campaign saw us working with some of the leading brands to promote their gift cards on Woohoo. Pick them out here>>

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