Woohoo App: Your Answer to Virtual Wallets and Cards

Woohoo app is one of the most useful apps for people who need to carry out more financial transactions. But, it also assists you when you need to pay at your preferred restaurant or making an online payment.

Woohoo App

Apart from Woohoo app, the other couple of well-known similar apps are Freecharge and Paytm. These apps also serve the same purpose as that of Woohoo. They can be used for recharging purpose or online purchases. So, if you are using more such virtual wallets, you have to keep a track of all these apps separately. The cons of using such wallets are:
  • Remaining in the know of the status individually
  • Suppose, you are short of bucks in one of the wallets, you won’t be able to make up for the lesser amount from any other wallet (even if you own that)
  • You must either have a debit card or a credit card to refill your wallet
Well, this indeed sounds pretty much full of hassles.

The Advantage of Having Woohoo

And this is where Woohoo app comes in the picture – of course if you wish to manage your virtual wallets more efficiently. The advantage of having Woohoo app is to do away with the problem of handling several cards at the same time. It brings under one roof all of your virtual wallets. The upside is that you can use the money from here to pay for those offline retailers, who may not support individual wallets.

Woohoo Supports…

The Woohoo app supports Oxigen Wallet, MobiKwik, Payback points as well as GiftBig reward points. This gives you more options/reasons to have the Woohoo app. This is one of the best alternatives to shopping, swiping cards, restaurants, malls and even spas. “You can add currency partners like MobiKwik, Oxigen, Payback and HiFives to Woohoo” Woohoo has as many as 80 brands registered with them that allow you to shop by having spend codes. These codes can be used in excess of 4000 outlets.

Doing More with Woohoo App

After installing the app on your Smartphone, you won’t have to carry all your cards with you always – but remember, it will apply only for the supported merchants. The USP of the app is that it displays the balance in each of your account on a single page. So, there’s no need to keep in mind the balance in every account separately.

How Woohoo Can Be More Helpful?

The beauty of the Woohoo app is that you can use multiple wallets to pay for a single purchase only. For example, if you only have Rs. 500 in one of your wallets, say, HiFives, and you need to pay Rs. 700, that shouldn’t be an issue still. You can use another wallet like Oxigen or MobiKwik to pay the rest of the amount. Or, you can use you Payback points to make up for the amount to be paid.

On Which OS Does Woohoo Work?

The app is currently available only on Android. You can download Woohoo Google Play store. Woohoo app will soon be available on Windows Phone and iOS.