Periscope: the future is here

And it is populated by two types of people. The heroes and the villains. All the villains have only one goal: to kidnap customers from the shores of your retail stores. And in most cases, tie them up in the dungeon of your competitors, forever. There is also the supervillain, hell-bent on blocking the retailer from reaching out to the customer. We call him the devil. Remember, the devil is in the retail. Then there are those who fight on behalf of the retailer. The Qwikcilver brand of warriors. We call them the QwikHeroes. QwikHeroes are our products that are bestowed with powers of specific kind.

QwikGifTSx powers you to launch gift cards, QwikPosAPIx allows you to unify your customer touchpoints into a seamless omnichannel experience, QwikPromox helps you break the market clutter and reach customers with highly targeted promotions and so on. As for the devil, we have our own superhero initiative. Our products are designed to work together, join hands and fight the bigger bullies as one solution. The QwikGifTSx suite of products are designed to run gift card program end-to-end, and it contains such heavyweights as the capability to manage your retail currencies from one place (QwikWalletx), the capability to generate, activate and disburse gift cards in bulk (QwikBlastx), among others. But alone or together, our products are built to deliver one thing and one thing alone: add Xponential value to your business. X stands for Xcellence, X stands for going the X-tra mile. And thanks to the words of one of our esteemed customers, X also stands for one another thing.

“We see a 2X, 3X, 4X jump in what he [customer] buys from us.”

The X-volution is here. And is here to say. So jump on. Read more about our line of products here.

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