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For every gift, there is a Return Gift! With Woohoo, surprising your loved ones is even more rewarding now! Get Woohoo Coins on your Digital and Physical Gift Cards’ purchase across Woohoo.in & Woohoo App. Each Woohoo Coin is equal to Re.1. It’s like your own digital piggy bank; collect the Woohoo coins and use them on your next purchase! Earning the Woohoo coins will be conditional in nature and the redemption will depend on the brand on which the user wants to redeem them.

How to earn Woohoo Coins?

There are multiple ways to earn Woohoo Coins. 1. A user can earn Woohoo Coins through various promotions on E-Gift Cards & Gift Cards on woohoo.in & woohoo app.
2. A user may receive Woohoo Coins on his/her registered email id or mobile number on specific occasions. These Woohoo Coins can be added to the Woohoo account.
3. A user can be given Woohoo Coins based on his/her purchase history and love for gift cards.
To earn Woohoo Coins, click here.

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