Why retailers in Australia offer Gift Cards to their customers

Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as they provide a convenient and thoughtful way to give a gift. Many retailers now offer gift cards, with the latest trend being the ability to sell digital gift cards online instantly. Retailers in Australia use digital gift card programs to increase brand awareness and reach more customers.
Retailers offer gift cards as compensation
Retailers in Australia reward customers with gift cards to encourage future purchases. After an issue, a small token of appreciation for continued patronage can enhance the customer experience. Most Aussies prefer gift cards as compensation to resolve issues, as they offer a great deal of flexibility and control over how to spend it. Digital gift card programs not only resolve issues, it also guarantees customers to shop again with the brand.
retailers in Australia offer Gift Cards to their customers
How can retailers in Australia benefit from a digital gift card program
1. 60% of Australians recall a brand name long after receiving a promotional gift card, retailers in Australia can be sure that a digital gift card program is an effective and lasting way to build their brand.
2. Another upside to a digital gift card solution for retailers in Australia is that most Aussies spend more than the value of the gift card, which is beneficial to retailers, as it can help increase their sales.
3. Australian consumers tend to shop more often when they receive gift cards from retailers. Additionally, customers share and exchange gift cards with their friends and family, helping to increase brand visibility and reach.
digital gift card solution for retailers in Australia
Digital gift cards provide an opportunity for retailers to customize the cards in order to match their brand's identity, making them even more memorable. Overall, gift card programs are an excellent way to boost brand awareness, reach new customers and retain the existing ones.
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