Swiss Militiary Gift Card Program

Fulfill your wanderlust with the Swiss Military gift cards.

Are you craving a laid-back and relaxing weekend getaway? Don’t let the travel restrictions hamper your plans. Plan a quick getaway with your bae or a chilled night out with friends with all the essentials packed into a backpack! We've got an affordable yet luxurious fix for you! Grab the right gear with the Swiss Military Gift Card, now live on Qwikcilver, and set the mood right.

Swiss Military Gift Cards are applicable and redeemable on all the products sitewide.

With the launch of the Swiss Military Gift Card, the Qwikcilver Platform got integrated with WooCommerce for the first time. Qwikcilver’s Product Suite consists of an umbrella of products that communicate seamlessly with each other and the retailer for dedicated resources or in need of expertise. Qwikcliver's API Suite enables over a million stores (offline and online) to integrate the gift card program into their existing transaction systems.

QwikBit ABout the Brand
Swiss Military is a medium to connect customers to the world of Premium Lifestyle Products bearing the highest quality standards at surprisingly affordable prices. They call it "Affordable Luxury"!

Affordability is key for which extensive research is conducted into the material used, design adapted, and functionality at hand. The combination of a great product ensures a fulfilled and happy customer base, which is why the Swiss Military is presently one of the fastest-growing brands globally.

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