Steps to launch a successful gift card program in Australia

Gift cards create a strong demand for gifting purposes throughout the year. However, most retailers in Australia don’t properly leverage the gift card solutions.
Gift cards are more than just a means of gifting opportunity for your brand. Launching a successful gift card program can be a great way to grow brand awareness and drive sales. Additionally, gift card programs reduce the risk of hackers or phishing scammers trying to exploit security flaws, unlike other online payment portals.
5 steps to launch brand gift cards
Here are five steps to help you launch a successful gift card program:
1. Set Goals:
Set clear objectives for your gift card program before you begin. What kind of sales do you want to drive? How do you want to measure success?
  • Retailers in Australia sell gift cards to increase sales and brand recognition.
  • Additionally, a gift card program can be used as a marketing tool to increase store foot traffic and encourage customers to make more purchases.
2. Design Your Program:
Once you’ve set your goals, you’ll need to design your program. What kind of gift cards will you offer? What will the terms and conditions be? How will you promote your program?
  • The process of setting up a gift card program for retailers in Australia isn't difficult. Most gift card processing companies in Australia will help set up programs that can help you launch physical as well as digital gift cards.
  • You can give your customers an authentic omnichannel experience with Qwikcilver’s gift card program
steps to launch brand gift card
3. Determine Distribution Channels:
How you will distribute your gift cards is up to you. Will you provide them in-store, online, or both?
  • Qwikcilver gift card processing company offer distribution capabilities for your brand's gift cards, allowing you to serve both online and offline, corporate and reseller customers.
  • The order management solution offered by Qwikcilver makes it simple for partners and resellers to sell your brand's gift cards and vouchers across all channels.
4. Promote Your Program:
You’ll need to promote your gift card program to ensure success. Consider using email campaigns, social media, and other channels to spread the word.
  • Gift cards are a great way to show appreciation for customers who have previously made a purchase from your store.
  • Use gift cards to incentivize customers by offering discounts or special offers.
  • Gift card programs can also be used to reward loyalty, such as offering customers points when they purchase something to increase customer loyalty.
digital gift cards can help in consumer promotions
5. Track Your Sales:
  • Retailers can benefit from offering gift cards as it helps to generate additional revenue from customers who might not have purchased something from the store otherwise.
  • Once you’ve launched your gift card program, track your sales to ensure your goals are being met.
  • Check on how well your gift card program is doing and make any necessary adjustments.
By following these steps, you can ensure your gift card program will be successful and help grow your brand awareness.

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