Recognizing is strategic. Rewarding is operational.

For years the corporate has uttered the phrase ‘rewards and recognition,’ (or, R&R) in the same breath. But recognizing an employee for her work is, organizationally speaking, very different from delivering that recognition as a tangible benefit.
Benefit is the right word here. It rightfully differentiates a reward from a gift. A gift can carry an emotional value, but a reward must have an economic benefit. A box of cookies works, only if the employee believes that it adequately represents her achievement.
Then there is the behind-the-scenes chain that procures and delivers the benefit to the employee at the appropriate time. Remember, a reward delivered past its timeline tend to lose its effectiveness, which is why rewarding, unlike recognition, is operational.

To recognize an employee is to say, ‘thank you’. To reward the employee is to say, ‘I need you’.

Say it later and the company risks losing the employee to its competitors. Now scale this scenario to the size of a payroll. The failure can maul the company’s growth plans.

R&R impacts P&L!

It is no rocket-science that the right reward delivered at the right time hits the right metric. On the other hand, a less-than-satisfactory reward program can and in most cases, will, lead to employee attrition. And employee attrition is contagious.

The big question is, how do you shield your best resources from getting poached?
How do you say, ‘I need you,’ and mean it?

You choose QwikRewardsx, Qwikcilver’s employee rewards solution. QwikRewardsx bolsters you with capabilities to disburse rewards in bulk during festive seasons, provide secure channel to claim rewards, and deploy online portal to ease redemption.
More importantly, you can manage all the major touchpoints of the rewarding process.

1. Incentivize performance by rolling out performance-based rewards, customize online portal to deliver personalized experience.

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