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Australia is a challenging market for any business to grow for the advancement in technology they possess. The Gift industry will never stop growing. The number of occasions for gifting are increasing day by day. Initially only birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christmas etc were seen as the gifting occasion. Nowadays we can see that brands as well as customers are embracing every occasion such as mothers day, fathers day, work anniversaries, gifts as rewards to employees etc as occasion to celebrate through gifting. Recipients prefer gift cards for gifting which gives them freedom of choice.
It is important for all brands to offer gift cards for their customers so that customers can share their love for the brand. Adoption of gift cards in Australia has recorded strong growth in recent years across both retail as well as corporate segments. Consumers have shifted to online shopping due to the pandemic which has benefitted the gift card industry and driven the growth of digital gift cards. The corporate gifting sector has seen huge traction as corporates choose to reward and recognize employees by giving gift cards.
Gift Card provider in Australia
There are many gift card providers in Australia. Qwikcilver stands out among them in the great service we provide. Gift card providers have different technology and processes to manage their gift card programs.
Qwikcilver provides end-to-end Gift card technology and platform for a brand to launch their gift cards with omnichannel multi-region, multi- currency capabilities. Our state-of-the-art gift card solutions are deployed by over 200 leading brands across the world with QwikGifTS product suite.
Gift card programs play a significant role in engaging customers. Best gift card program can increase revenue for your business and retain the customer base.
Here is the buyer guide to choose the right gift card provider for your business in Australia:

1. Determine what you want
2. Determine what you have
3. Determine how much you can spend
4. Know what it out there
5. Try first
6. Buy it then
7. Reap rewards

Qwikcilver, as a pioneer, understands the gift card market better than any other provider in Australia. Our gift card processing solution, QwikGifTS has flexible retail rules. Meaning, it’s futuristic, its underlying retail logic is configurable as per business needs. This helps you to not only keep your existing customers happy but also attract new ones
Hurry up now and launch your brand gift cards with a remarkable gift card processing company - Qwikcilver. Click here to contact us.

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