Offer gift cards to your customers. Here’s why –

Gift cards serve multiple purposes. Gifting is purely one of its core functions, it can also act as a powerful tool in attracting, engaging and retaining customers with its various Use Cases.
offer gift cards to your customers. Here's why
According to a recent McKinsey & Company report, 80% of Australian consumers have sought out different brands or retailers in the past 18 months, seeking better value as prices continue to rise.
59% of Australian consumers found gift cards an appropriate reward for brand loyalty. Brand loyalty can be increased by offering gift cards to consumers.
Here are the reason for your business to offer Gift Cards to your customers:

1. Builds Relationships :Building relationships with your consumers through the use of gift cards in combination with a rewards program. You might give them a gift card to settle a dispute or you could give them one if they spend a particular amount on your goods or services.
2. Boost Revenue: Due to their low production costs and high average spending over the gift card limit, gift cards help businesses increase their income.
3. Generate Traffic: Given that gift cards are typically given to a different recipient than the purchaser, they will enhance traffic to your store. You now have two customers — the one who purchased the gift card and the one who received it.
4. Spreads Brand Awareness: Offering gift cards is among the most economical ways to increase brand exposure. Customers who adore your goods or services will want to tell their friends and family about their positive experiences. One of the most effective forms of advertising is word-of-mouth, and making gift cards available will facilitate this.
5. Breakage from Unused Cards: This one speaks for itself, sometimes gift cards go by unused for whatever the reason may be. When this happens, it’s pure profit for your business.
6. Manage refunds: Manage your returns easily by providing gift cards in return. This helps in retaining the customer.
Whether your goals include building relationships, generating more revenue, or increasing traffic to your business; gift cards can help you reach new business goals.
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