Nykaa Wallet Program

Nykaa wallet program
Nykaa Wallet program is up and running on Nykaa Beauty & Nykaa Man app and website and soon on Nykaa Fashion and it can’t get more exciting than this! Nykaa is deeply loved by women and no woman wouldn’t like to be gifted the Nykaa wallet program. This program can easily bring in thousands of women who like being gifted a Nykaa wallet and thus can immediately expand the Nykaa circle of Nykaa lovers converting them all to Nykaa buyers.

QwikBit about the brand

Nykaa is an Indian e-commerce company that sells beauty, wellness and fashion products across websites, mobile apps and 100+ offline stores. In 2020, it became the first Indian unicorn startup headed by a woman. Nykaa prides itself on offering a comprehensive selection of cosmetics, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body, luxury and wellness products for women and men. Nykaa offers well-curated, well-priced, 100% genuine and branded products, and it receives over 1 million orders per month from all over India.

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