McDonald’s Card Program

Mc Donald's card
Yummy got yummier with McDonald's Value Club Card.
Who wouldn't love to get a McDonald's gift card? Are we right, or are we right? It's a feast-y way to express. Quick and convenient McDonald's Value Club Card perfect for any special occasion. It makes for an excellent gift for someone special and is even better to use yourself, so you’re always ready for a cash-free fries run.
McDonald's Value Club Card- A universal gift card that you can use to buy anything at the McDonaldOutlets. This is currently available at a 10% and 12.5% discount. McCafe Card in Platinum, Gold, and Silver variants which is exclusively for coffee lovers and entitles a user to a certain number of free coffees for a minimal price
With this launch, Qwikcilver powered Gift cards will be available via Pinelabs devices in a fully integrated version for the first time. Plutus and Qwikcilver platforms work together in the end-to-end solution, while the Plutus-based EDC system is integrated with the POS system.
Qwik bit about the brand
Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL) owns & operates McDonald's restaurants across West and South India. It has a Master Franchisee relationship with McDonald's Corporation USA and has been the custodian of the brand since its inception in 1996. It operates over 300 McDonald's restaurants across 42 cities and 11 states in West and South India.
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