JustDial Gift Card Store

Now Just Dial for Gift Cards

Give Gift cards, Anytime, Anywhere with the all-new Just Dial Gift Card store.

With an endless number of things under the sun and now even the best brands' gift cards, Just dial truly is your one-stop shop for everything you need.

The gift card industry is booming. Not just fashion brands. But sectors across food and beverages to electronics to home décor to traveling and more, gift cards are becoming the gift of choice for both giver and recipients. Online Gift Card stores now allow consumers to buy from an ocean of branded gift cards.

Justdial, leveraging the wave, now features a gift card store under "Jd Pay" in their app category, which is where they get the most traction from users.

QwikBit ABout the Brand
Justdial is a 'one-stop shop' where one is assisted with day-to-day and exclusive planning and purchasing activities. Their service extends from providing address and contact details of business establishments around the country, to making orders and reservations for leisure, medical, financial, travel, and domestic purposes. They enlist business information across varied sectors like Hotels, Restaurants, Auto Care, Home Decor, Personal and Pet Care, Fitness, Insurance, Real Estate, Sports, Schools, etc. from all over the country.

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