Influencer Marketing in India

Influencer Marketing has many forms in India, starting from the pester power to supermoms, Autoenthusisast to Mechanic, Architect to the Plumber, Interior designer to the Carpenter.
Much before the Influencer Marketing parlance there existed a word called referral program. It used to be called the "Mechanic Referral Program", "Carpenter Referral Program", ``Painter Referral Program'' or "Electrician Referral program".
It may still exist with the same name but in a different avatar. The referral program was created to bring awareness about the new product and push up sales. While the former was an easier task, the latter was also always a difficult one to answer with confidence. The last mile attribution or end-to-end tracking of this sales/activation program was an arduous task. With lots of ambiguity and confusion around this.
Enter Qwikcilver with a unique Influencer solution that addresses this problem in an effortless manner without any cumbersome excel sheets or manual interventions.
Influencer solution for painters, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers
Influencers such as painters, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers etc play a major role in influencing the sales of a particular product. Tracking each of such influencers is a nightmare for the brand. Qwikcilver's influencer solution fits right in the place of solving the issue of keeping a track of these influencer sales and rewarding them for the sales they have achieved.
The sales team /retailers/ distributors of the brand can enroll the influencers (painter/garage person) on the program via mobile. The influencer can scan the QR code of the product while influencing the sales. The reward points attached to the product get added to his/her account. From which he/she can redeem from the digital reward catalogue.
Influencer solution for painters, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers
One can view all the points earned, redeemed points, balance and the transactions history through the app dashboard. It is all in one simple solution to track influencer-led sales easily.
Influencer solution for painters, mechanics, carpenters, plumbers
With our future-ready robust platform, now you can easily track and reward your brand influencers. Click here to Sign up today and start rewarding the influencers right away.

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