How can gift cards help brands in Australia attract more customers of different age groups

Customer's attitude towards digital gift cards and e-gift cards is changing. Gift card processors in Australia say - If you don't offer digital gift cards yet, you may be missing out on an opportunity to bring extra revenue into your business. A gift card programs for retailers help with the following
how brands can attract more customers of different age groups
Improve customer relationship
What presents do children want to receive for the holidays? This may be a surprise, children are asking for gift cards so they get to choose their own presents. Children get presents on many occasions throughout the year. To make the most of this opportunity, retailers use gift card promotions to boost business any time of the year.
Draw the attention of a younger audience
As the importance of gift cards grows, digital gift cards and e-gift cards become popular amongst the youth. Young Aussies are the most excited to spend big this festive season, a survey revealed that young people prefer gift cards instead of credit cards. Brands launch gift cards to increase sales as these customers also believe E-gift cards are easier to send than physical gifts.
Nurture customers
Gift cards encourage adults to spend more and purchase often. An online survey of 1295 adults indicated that categories such as clothing, household goods, and entertainment were popular purchases for gift card holders. Retailers use gift card promotions to increase customer loyalty given that 75.6% of Aussies in a survey said they use at least one loyalty program.
In Conclusion, merchant gift card programs help -
1. Gain profitability
2. Customer loyalty
3. Attract new customers of different age groups
4. Encourage repeat purchases.
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