Global desi gift card program

For the pretty women in your life or if you are one of those yourself, this would feel home. Besides, for a brand what can be the easiest and hottest branding tool after word-of-mouth publicity than a gift card that brings together people and brings new people to the brand in a cool, innovative way? It is to both the givers and receivers delight, and the receiver gets attached to the brand, so does the giver. The offline and online billing systems are perfectly integrated for an easy breezy experience. We don’t like to cut trees either, so we do have digital variants right next to the paper cards, and in no time our digital cards will be up and running and Woohoo and Qwikcilver distribution channels.

QwikBit about the brand
Curated specially for the women who use fashion as a tool to express their individuality, Global Desi seamlessly fuses two distinct worlds. A coveted fashion name founded in 2007, today the brand is synonymous with a free-spirited, creative, open-minded, and avant-garde attitude. Global Desi is currently available at 117 exclusive brand outlets and 272 multi-brand stores across the country.

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