Gift Cards in Australia

Gift Cards in Australia
One of the oldest human traditions is giving gifts to loved ones. It has developed over time to meet the changing needs and preferences of society. Yet just as intricate and specific as each person is to each culture, gift-giving is a universal act of friendship and generosity that is shared the world over. With that said, each culture has its own specific gift-giving traditions and customs, and Australians are no different than the rest. Gift Cards in Australia are growing and are the perfect gifting choice.
Gift Cards are the modern gifting solution for all occasions and all ages. Gift Cards address a variety of common problems that arise when gifting. Gift Cards today are also a strategic tool of many loved brands across the world. Many times the first touch point for a new customer with a brand is the brand’s Gift Card - the customer having received it as a gift. This underlines the importance of a Gift Card portfolio for a brand. Qwikcilver Solutions as the pioneer and one of the few end-to-end gift card solutions providers understand exactly what every brand needs for their Gift Card journey.
Digital gift cards revolutionizing the gifting industry:
The introduction and widespread use of internet-enabled devices has recently changed the way we buy and give gifts to our family and friends. While everyone enjoys receiving gifts, it can be tricky to find the right present. Gift Cards are the perfect choice. Digital Gift Cards can be sent instantaneously anytime anywhere giving the freedom to choose for the receiver. The Gift Card Industry is growing like never before.
The gift card industry in Australia is expected to grow over the forecast period, recording a CAGR of 9.8% during 2021-2025. The gift card market in the country will increase from US$ 4806.4 million in 2020 to reach US$ 7839.1 million by 2025*.
Digital Gift Cards were already seeing rising popularity before COVID-19, but the pandemic has accelerated it. The behavior was apparent in search. Searches for “gift card online” have grown globally by over 100% year over year.**
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Gifting transcends market boundaries, which is why Qwikcilver’s gifting platform is built to support seamless transactions in multiple currencies across multiple time zones. Qwikcilver has entered the Australian market and are now the Gift Card technology providers in Australia. With a one-of-its-kind global Solution-As-A-Service (SaaS) gift card platform, we know exactly what it takes to help you transition your business and we are here to power your gift card strategy with both physical and digital forms of the Gift Cards.
Gift Cards as whole has many advantage to your business in
1. Brand awareness
2. Customer engagement
3. Manage refunds
4. Cashback
5. Refunds / Store credits.
6. Enhance sales
7. Generate revenue
Gift Cards for Corporates: Digital Gift Cards are more popular among our corporates. It is the best and easy way to reward employees for all occasions. With personalization, It builds strong relationships between the company and its employees. Gift Cards for corporate gifting are widely popular in Australia.
Gift Cards as corporate gift for employees has its own advantages:
1. Employee satisfaction
2. Motivates employees and improve loyalty & commitment
3. Freedom of choice
4. Budget Friendly
5. Gender-neutral
6. Real time effortless issuance
7. Flexibility - Digital and physical gift cards
8. Safe and secure
9. Personalization
10. Schedule rewards in advance
There is no perfect time to add Gift Cards for your business. Hurry up and drop your details below to start your Gift Card journey with us.

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    **Think with Google. March 25, 2020-May 23,2020 vs March 25,2019- May 23,2019

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