Gift Cards – Business Use Cases

Gift Cards are becoming a strategic tool for businesses globally. Gift Cards are not meant for mere gifting anymore, they serve many other purposes.
Gift card use cases
Adoption of gift cards in Australia has recorded strong growth in recent years across both retail as well as corporate segments. Due to the pandemic, Australian consumers have shifted to online shopping which has benefitted the gift card industry with the growth of digital gift cards. The corporate gifting sector has seen huge traction as corporates choose to reward and recognize employees by giving digital gift cards as rewards.
Retailers have started realizing the potential of prepaid Gift Cards. Gift Cards can be used not just as gifting options but also as a powerful tool to get customers to spend in their outlet. Gift Cards are also used for refunds, cashback, credit notes and are a great promotional tool.
Qwikcilver Solutions is a tech company that acts as a service provider in the gift cards space. Its technology platform allows retailers to issue cards in any format — SMS, email, physical printouts or plastic cards instantaneously. Qwikcilver handles gift cards for 200+ brands, includingLazada, Amazon Singapore, Amazon Pay, Uber, Grab, Lazada, Zalora, Malaysia Airlines, Mc Donald's, Dominos, Victoria Secret and many more.
Gift Card Use cases that can help your brand:
1.Gifting -
Personal gifting
Gift Cards help your business to grow your customer base. Every Gift Card purchase gives you an opportunity to engage two customers - the Gifter and the Receiver. It Introduces new customers to your business. Having gift cards available is the perfect way to allow your customers to engage with the brand.

Gift Cards give the freedom to choose. Not restricting to a particular gift item which may or may not be liked by the recipient. With the gift of experience becoming ever popular, having gift cards available is the perfect way to allow your customers to share their favorite brand with friends and family.
Corporate gifting - Digital Gift Cards are the popular choice for corporate gifting. It gives freedom of choice for employees to choose their own gifts and mitigates the problem with transportation, budget, gender-specific gifts etc. Also, Corporates believe that gift cards are remembered longer than cash awards. In short, gift cards provide the flexibility and versatility of cash without the downsides. It eliminates the idea of choosing the right gift. QwikServ, manages and fulfills bulk corporate gift card orders with ease.
2. Cashback - Gift card as Cashback card offers a growing business multiple benefits. Gift cards can be used as cashback cards to attract new customers. Retain your existing customers with guaranteed cashbacks that they can redeem at your store only. It gives them a reason to come back. It also helps to increase footfall at your store.
3. Credit note - Gift Cards can be given as credit for future purchases. This ensures that the customer returns back to purchase for the exact value or more. It is an advance cash to the store.
4. Refund - Gift Cards are a great tool for returns. Offering gift cards as an option for return can turn a refund into a future sale. For the retailer apart from not indulging in a cash outflow, the Gift Card based refund retains the customer and bundles along with it a potential for a sales uplift when the card is redeemed at a later stage. QwikRefund solution provides greater convenience for the customer, while the retailer can also prevent the outflow of cash collected from the initial sale.
5. Promotion - Promotional campaigns are a must to attract customers. Promotions are designed to acquire new customers, drive sales, promote new products, cross sell, generate revenue etc. Customers expect rewards from the brand promotional campaigns. Gift Cards are the best promotional tool that can achieve your brand objectives. QwikCampaign, the elixir for all your powerful trade promotions and consumer campaigns helps in managing consumer and trade promotions effectively.

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