Cafeteria Management Solution for Corporates

Cafeterias have become a popular way for companies to provide employees with affordable and convenient food options. However, managing food court operations can be challenging, especially when the court is large and has multiple food vendors.
cafeteria & food court solution for corporates
One popular corporate cafeteria management solution is QwikCafe powered by Qwikcilver Solutions. A White label Mobile App / Card solution along with Closed Loop Cafeteria Wallet for Food Court, Meal Counters, Tuck Shops and Outlets within the premises.
It has separate applications for employees and vendors. Employees can check the menu, place orders and make payment from their respective office workstations. They will be notified once the order is ready. This solves the major problem of overcrowding at the counters and long waiting time. This gives a chance for an employee to explore multiple vendors and try different food items.
Vendors in a similar fashion can update the menu in real-time, process order faster and are paid for the order without any issue. It also avoids food wastage due to advance order placement.
Corporates have a larger benefit of managing and tracking employees' food expenditure and settle the payment of each employee account easily. Employees can enjoy their break and return to work with more satisfaction. It automates the meal subsidy and payment process, cashless premises with prepaid wallet and payroll deduction. Employee Data is secure with requisite best practices and regular certifications.
It is a one-stop solution for cafeteria management. It can be customized as per the requirements. Complete solution based on the card type or app used in the cafeteria with complete SaaS services.
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