Best Corporate Gift in 2021

The pandemic has transformed many businesses. It has been a huge challenge for many industries & organizations but it has also offered some opportunities. With pandemic being the prime focus, gifting companies are emerging as solution providers rather than just product provider. Organizations are looking for a corporate gift that is safe and secure. A Digital gift card is the best corporate gift in 2021 that caters to all the needs.

Going out of your way to show appreciation for your employees, goes a long way in keeping them happy & motivated in your organization. When it comes to your employees, the choice of gifting in any season & for any reason should be a utilitarian gift. And now there’s a way to make each gift as personalized as it can be, without losing your sleep over it.
Gifting is an important social aspect. Employees are tired of regular boring gifts. They are losing the excitement usually one has while receiving gifts. To bring excitement among them and increase their motivation, give them Gift Cards which give them the freedom to choose among the different product range.

Benefits of gift cards as a corporate gift:

1. Employee satisfaction
2. Motivates employees and improve loyalty & commitment
3. Freedom of choice
4. Budget Friendly
5. Real time effortless issuance
6. Flexibility - Digital and physical gift cards
7. Safe and secure
8. Personalization
9. Gender-neutral
10. Schedule rewards in advance
Corporates and Businesses continue to drive Gifting as a discipline. The growing demand for gift cards among corporates and businesses at large is a key factor driving the market. The wide acceptance of gift cards among consumers is attributed mainly to the number of benefits these have and the versatile options they offer, notably acting as more compelling as cash benefits. World over, the soaring popularity of gift cards as corporate incentives is a key factor boosting the market. This is driven by the proposition than they are more effective than cash for awarding achievers in organizations, offering the flexibility and versatility of cash, along with the ease of use.
As per the Incentives and Gift Card Council findings, for Corporates, the overall value, desirability, and ease of program administration create the real benefits.
Number one in popularity for corporate incentives, gift cards are more effective than cash. It is consistently indicated that merchandise and travel incentives were more compelling than cash - and in the merchandise category, gift cards were the most popular award items. Corporates felt they could build a more exciting and memorable program using gift cards than they could with cash.

So how do organizations use gift cards in their incentive programs?

• To recognize performance 70.2%
• As sales incentives 48.6%
• As business gifts 29.3%
• As non-sales recognition awards 30.4%
• As spot rewards 30.4%
• As service awards 27.6%
• For consumer promotions 14.9%
• As safety awards 9.9%
• As dealer incentives 9.4%
• Wellness programs 6.6%
• To start/maintain business relationships 6.1%
• Other3%
Also, Corporates believe that gift cards are remembered longer than cash awards. In short, gift cards provide the flexibility and versatility of cash without the downsides.
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