AND Gift Card Program

This is for the modern woman who loves Western fashion and is unapologetic about it. The AND gift card program is a perfect gifting solution for the chic sophisticated woman who loves to sashay in style as well as to bring in more of such women to discover the brand. Here again, the offline and online billing systems are perfectly integrated to make gifting easy, quick, and hassle-free. And there are digital cards in addition to paper cards to make sure we cut less trees in the process. Woohoo and Qwikcilver distribution channels will soon have these cards.

QwikBit about the brand
Founded in 1995, AND stemmed from the realization that the modern Indian woman didn’t have too many contemporary silhouettes to choose from. AND & Global Desi is part of Ochre & Black Pvt Ltd. Bridging this gap ever since, today AND has garnered the recognition of a brand that makes global styles for the contemporary woman, understanding the sensibilities of fashion, comfort, quality, and style effortlessly.

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