Aavishkar 2022 – Tech week

Aavishkar 2022! This is the second year of our favorite technology event where we learn, share, innovate and have fun. It was a one-of-a-kind program for learning and sharing amazing technology related projects that our teams are working on. It included discussions by industry experts and insights from our valuable customers, showcasing cutting edge technology concepts and innovations, market trends & analysis and some fun contests and games too.
Aavishkar in Sanskrit means invention. The term invention is defined as the act of bringing ideas or objects together in a novel way to create something that did not exist before. Aavishkar in Qwikcilver means bringing together people, ideas and innovation in a novel way to create something new to give an opportunity to all the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes in making our products, solutions and services a success and to showcase their amazing work and potential.
Sanjay Tambwekar, CTO Qwikcilver, kick started the session by enlightening us on the Indian ecommerce industry and the growth in the payments sector over the years.
COVID-19 in fact accelerated some of the changes that are now very mainstream for all and this ongoing digital transformation is certainly because of the kind of connectivity and affordability. The increase in internet, the smartphone penetration and also the increased investments in the startup ecosystem has accelerated the transformation. India has a very young population and the third largest online shopper base globally. While it had about 140 million e-retail shoppers in 2020, this number will go to 500 million by 2030. And interestingly, India is outpacing the world in terms of real time digital payments. It had 25 billion real time payment transactions in 2020. This is basically the result of a combined effort that is actually happening from the government as well as all the fintech startups.
FinTech is continuing to disrupt sectors like never before and they transformed the financial services industry, and will continue to do so over the next decade. There are a plethora of solutions that are coming out everyday to add on to its growth.
Qwikcilver is a global player. It has built enterprise cost solutions for Indian markets, and has seen robust solutions that are equally applicable and valuable to other geographies in Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia and Middle East.
Aavishkar 2022! Three day event covered interesting topics:
Day 1: Integrated Prepaid Platform by Abhishek Jain, VP Product Management Qwikcilver. Scaling with Common Sense by Kailash Nadh, CTO Zerodha. Overview of QwikGifTS2 Architecture by Sridhar Nagendra, Senior Principal Engineer Qwikcilver. Blockchain Applications by Sadiq Ahamed, CEO Lysto. Crypto as Payment Option by Pramodh Kunnil, Senior General Manager Product Management Qwikcilver. LMAX Disruptor - Dinesh Patel, Senior Architect Qwikcilver.

Day 2: Leadership Talk by Vimal Kaul. Fireside chat with Mr Rohit Kansal, IAS, Principal Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir - Moderated by Pratap TP. KYC and CKYC - Nisha Kumari & Harikant Verma, Pine Perks. Corporate Portal & Service - Mayank Vishnoi. Async framework by Nityananda M. Amadeus ecosystem- Global Distribution System and Travel Solutions; Airline Industry recovery & Partnership with QC- Mathias Fenouil, Solutions & Delivery Head (EMEA) Amadeus & Maxime Battestini, Partnership Manager Amadeus. New Wallet Across SV & B2B - Deepak Srinivas.

Day 3: Leadership Talk by Anand KuppuswamyOpen Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) by Pranav Lotlikar. Scaling services from ground up - Plural Team. Support Central Application workflow automation overview by Subramaniam V. Hasura.io on Woohoo Eco system by Naveena B T. Gift Card Data Migration: Strategies and Tools - Roopesh Parambath.
Aavishkar is also an opportunity to make our organization familiar with the new features and platforms that are being built. From tagline ‘Everything Gift Cards’ to ‘Gift Cards and beyond’ Qwikcilver is expanding opportunities way beyond gifting.
Aavishkar is a catalyst in bringing together ideas, people and innovation, and we have a mix of topics that gives food for thought and action.

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