Aavishkar 2021 – Tech Week Part 5

Aavishkar, the first ever technology week at Qwikcilver took place in the last week of February. i.e., 22nd February 2021 to 26th February 2021. It was a one-of-a-kind program for learning and sharing amazing technology related projects that our teams are working on. It included discussions by industry experts and insights from our valuable customers, showcasing cutting edge technology concepts and innovations, market trends & analysis and some fun contests and games too.
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Day 5

Vimal Kaul, VP of Engineering, Qwikcilver, began the session by throwing a light on innovation and its importance. For organizations to survive for a long time in the business, they need Disruptive Innovation. Disruptive Innovation means individual ownership, cross functional teamwork and considering failure as a motivation.
Products team presented Next Gen product vision for QC platforms. Prabhat N Ramesh, Product Management Manager, Qwikcilver, shared his views on Next Gen. Next gen is cultural sensitivity as Qwikcilver is expanding globally. Next gen also means consistency and standards. It also means faster adoption meaning a shorter learning curve for each innovation. Next Gen also means enhanced user-centricity by personas and solutions. Sudheendra Manchikanti, Vice President Product Management at Qwikcilver and Rathesh Chalil, Creative Lead Product Management at Qwikcilver, walked us through the new product ideation, design and implementation. Particularly, Order management and its tracking of different products that Qwikcilver offer using its new UX & UI to ease customer experience.
Rana Pratap Singh from Pine Labs presented an overview of the PayLater solution. This solution provides various facilities on PoS machines for merchants and their customers to take EMI on different products. The benefits of this solution were clearly explained. Tarun Thakur from Pine labs, took us through the EMI programs for credit and debit cards. With advancement in technology Pine labs has come up with Cardless EMI solution, where a user can complete his transaction through his mobile number on Pine Labs PoS machine without requirement of any debit and credit card. The flow of this solution was detailed. PayLater solution also provides flexibility for customers to choose the tenure or the EMI amount. Deepak Mathur from Pine Labs, explained the technicality and process flow of this solution. Kumar Gaurav from Pine labs, presented on the Bank EMI transactional flow, Brand EMI transaction flow and EMI reporting and settlement processes.
Sharath Ramakrishna Bhat, General Manager SV Engineering and Mounika Pathipati, Technical Lead Devops at Qwikcilver, gave a deep insight on the SV engineering process that Qwikcilver follows. Abiding by the values of agile, principles on lean engineering and best DevOps practices, they deliver customer centric solutions in a faster, more predictable manner. He shared the process, tools and collaborations that they use to develop a product.
Microservices architecture can bring in more agility into an OGS SDLC, but breaking software into smaller and more manageable units by the very nature of the architecture, there are some inherent aspects to be addressed like health monitoring, distributed logging, request tracing, security traffic routing, etc. Dinesh Patil, Senior Architect SV Engineering and Sravan Kumar Manne, Principal Engineer Devops at Qwikcilver, shared how service mesh, a dedicated infrastructure layer mediates all communication in and out of each service and brings more agility into the system.
Centralized authentication is the first step towards secure enterprise applications. As our organization is expanding to new markets, the chances of misusing our system increases significantly. We need a robust system which can provide custom flows and provide step up authentication, as and when required. Vision is to provide a unified authentication and product feature based granular authorizations across the SV and Woohoo platform applications. QwikID is designed and implemented based on this philosophy. QwikHome provides a seamless Single Sign On experience and ease of use when a user navigates across applications within the Qwikcilver ecosystem. Shyamali Devi, Senior Principal Engineer SV Engineering at Qwikcilver, discussed the user journey of a merchant and Qwikcilver’s Help Desk team with QwikID and QwikHome.
As a part of Aavishkar 2021, Hackathon was conducted to challenge and find solutions with the technology available. Three challenges were put forward.
1. Transaction Trend Analytics. 2. Customer experience – Buy a card from Alexa/google assistant. 3. Ensuring integrity of the transaction using blockchain technology.
Subramanian V, Somanath P, Sindhu DH, Rithik from Service automation team were runners up for finding a solution to buying a gift card using Alexa/google assistant.
Santhosh, Aravind, Jayasurya J, Rakshith R and Yashaswini Y from the DB team won the Hackathon for transaction trend analysis prediction.
Aavishkar coming to an end Sanjay Tambwekar thanked the organizing team. He closed the event by saying, “The variety of topics curated for Aavishkar made it very interesting for all of us. And over this past week, we have been exposed to different ideas, solutions even the forward-looking visions, and it will probably take some time for us to sift through them all. There is plenty to reflect upon and if this in any way enhances our individual and collective contributions then Aaviskar can truly be called success. We always strive to invent new solutions and protect the customer experience. “
Kumar Sudarsan, CEO Qwikcilver, appreciated the entire team for organising this quality event. Looks forward to many more such sessions.
This is Qwikcilver Pine labs, Always with a clear goal. Serving the customers with innovative solutions with delightful user experience.

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