Aavishkar 2021 – Tech Week Part 3

Aavishkar, the first ever technology week at Qwikcilver took place in the last week of February. i.e., 22nd February 2021 to 26th February 2021. It was a one-of-a-kind program for learning and sharing amazing technology related projects that our teams are working on. It included discussions by industry experts and insights from our valuable customers, showcasing cutting edge technology concepts and innovations, market trends & analysis and some fun contests and games too.
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Day 3

Thirumalesh C , Chief Product Officer, Qwikcilver, took us on a journey of Qwikcilver from processing gift cards to distributing them across. Simplification is the mantra to be adopted across all processes to reach a larger audience. Keep it simple is the motto we need to focus. Simplicity drives innovation to satisfy customers.
An introduction to open loop scheme cards was given by Pranav Lotlikar, Consultant at Qwikcilver. Open loop cards are Network powered cards, but cash cannot be withdrawn. Network powered cards are cards such as Visa and Mastercard. The differences between open loop and merchant specific prepaid cards were clearly described. He discussed the risks, the process flow, the funds flow and the future plans of Qwikcilver for open loop cards.
Nithin Kumar from Pine Labs talked about the open look Rupay cards. This card is acceptable across all Rupay enabled POS and any online portal which accepts Rupay cards. Complete lifecycle of the Rupay card management from issuance to redemption, its architecture and its technology was presented by Nithin.
Rajiv Ratan, Technical Architect SV Engineering team, Qwikcilver presented a demo on extension framework and its capabilities. Behavior extension and data extension are the two capabilities that this extension framework can provide without changing any code. Components and the functionality of the framework were presented.
This session gave an insight on Woohoo Micro services for achieving low coupling and high cohesion across Qwikcilver and its applications. Woohoo has adopted micro service-oriented architecture. In this session Ivan Claud, Senior Priciple Engineer and Melvin Kiran, Senior Software Engineer, Woohoo Engineering team, Qwikcilver, took us through the architecture and technologies used to achieve the purpose.
Hyper automation uses advanced technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning to increasingly automate processes and augment humans. It extends across a range of tools that can be automated but also refers to the sophistication of automation itself. i.e., to discover, analyze, design, automate, measure, monitor and reassess. Prasad G Jawale, Test Architect STA team, Qwikcilver, spoke about advantages of hyper automation and presented a quick demo of a test project which is under implementation. He also explained the difference between automation and hyper automation.
Jayasurya J, Database Administrator and Aravind Rajasekhar, Database Administrator Infrastructure Platform at Qwikcilver, presented the Project Paridhi - A real time automation for request throttling at network layer and beyond. This session focused on projecting a solution for a problem – “During promotions or flash sales, spikey traffic would cause performance degradation of the application response”. Aravind Rajashekar presented the overall solution of the project.
Vijay Krishna Mane, Senior Principal Engineer Alert Monitoring, Qwikcilver, showed us how to solve the problem of dealing with cumbersome tasks of creating and transforming automatic document generators. Problems were faced during the conversion of documents from one form to another. Streamlining a single unified documentation format was required. Solution aimed at converting google forms into appropriate document format and send automatic notification to the receivers.
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